More Evolve frame rate issues

So I tried playing Evolve with friends last night and still had terrible stuttering and frame rate issues. I’ve turned all my graphics down to zero, I have no anti-aliasing, my V-sync is off as per recommendation by other users who had similar problems, and even still, when I try to do something like a combo as monster, the frame rate drops so badly and suddenly that I cannot follow up with anything. Similar issues occur as Hunter.

Here are my computer specs.

Can anyone help me? I can run games like Alien Isolation, Fallout 4 and Dragon Ball FighterZ at maximum settings. Evolve shouldn’t be this troublesome. Is it just due to a lack of optimization since support ended?

Not sure if this is helpful but go into your game properties and verify the integrity of system files under Local Files.


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I honestly have no idea, you can try turning off extraneous programs that could be interfering.

Especially since adjusting the settings had no effect.

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Very strange. After you try what Sledge and Mountain said, do you have two monitors? Run Task Manager, put it on the second monitor, on the Performance tab. When the frame rate gets awful, does one of the graphs max out? CPU or disk?

What resolution are you running the game at?
Have task manager open with the performance tab selected. When the frames drop, what does the performance tab look like?
Do you have Evolve installed on the same harddrive as your other games?
Are you playing online? Or local play?
All the titles listed are primarily offline titles.

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I have only one monitor, unfortunately. The frame drops are very fast and sudden, but have a very profound effect regardless.

Last night I played on the lowest resolution possible.

Do you have Evolve installed on the same harddrive as your other games?


It’s really bad online. I tried a little local play and it ran fairly smoothly but I’m scared of how it’d look online.

Legacy or Stage 2?

Stage 2.

What settings can you run Fallout 4 at?

High, on almost all settings.

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I got nothing, sorry.

Edit: Maybe if you can think of some more details about the history here. Has the same machine run Evolve smoother in the past, or it’s always been bad? Or this is the first time trying on this machine?

As always, try the self-help page too.

Edit 2: TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

It’s the same machine. It used to run Evolve on high very well.

And you did a Verify Integrity?

Yes. The game ran smoothly in a bot match, though I kept all settings on minimal. No anti-aliasing or v-sync.

Ohh. It’s fine in single player but bad in multiplayer?

It was worse in singleplayer before than when I tested it. I’ll still have to check in an actual match later.

Once there was a problem where we accidentally didn’t ship any compiled shaders with the game, so everyone’s game had to build them locally. That was fixed long ago, but your problem reminds me of that. First use of any shader meant it got built on the spot, for a huge one-time (for that asset) lag spike. Once you’d visited every part of the game, and seen every model and every VFX, all the shaders would be cached. Then the problem would no longer be observable – not fixed really, just hidden.

That shouldn’t be happening; I’m grasping at straws here.

Well I am still very thankful for your help. I’ll try to play a real match later today and let you know how it runs.


If it was that old shader problem, you’d reach a point where, in single player, the problem would have disappeared. Then you’d try changing your graphics quality setting, and the problem would come right back as bad as ever, until again all those shaders were built.

Missing shaders would not care whether multiplayer or not. Only matters what comes on screen.