More Dialogue


You should add more dialogue for the characters. Like to say Gorgon’s name, Abe and Caira’s love and/or relationship, and above all just simply add more lore to certain aspects of the game.


TRS has one author that’s working all day. Be grateful for what there is.


I came here to say that they’d love to, but it costs money to bring the actors back and have them record again. Like, a lot of cash.

Also, there is no canon Abe/Caira thing going on. Shipping stuff is also not allowed here. Your post is fine, but that’s not in the lore anywhere (unless Matthew pulled some kind of fuckery and made it a thing recently) and I don’t want people getting the wrong ideas.


The writer explained why there aren’t many gorgon convos recently.

As for abe and caira, eh pretty much what Trickshot said.


Also not to mention that if it were ever a thing you’d have the most confusing love story ever.


Caira have Chloe voice from what i know :peach:


more dialogue?? all you need is “Hey Mags, how’d you end up with a pet trapjaw anyway”

but the Jokes ™ aside, i’d love some more off dropship conversations like that with T4 and T5. actually i’m thirsty for anything T4/T5 but just imagine how nice it would be. jack going through the junkyard in refueling tower mentioning it’s where he found emet. crow and slim pointing out places being all “remember when i wrestled that tyrant here. yea good times.”

i’m rooting for you, TRS. keep up the good work my pals…


They’ll probably bring them back at some point not anytime soon though. If/when they get to t6 they’ll probably start doing them then


please don’t say that that’s the only dialogue I hear everyday


Bought her on winter station… Shear exports a lot of wildli-


I only wrote this cause 2K and one of the other evolve members said I should. I’m perfectly content with the game I don’t need to be told to be grateful.


you my good sir are diabolical:)


I would love to see more conversations between Bucket and Emet, they always make me lol xD


plsssssss i’ll pay u 10 dollars TRS…


dont you dare finish that


If it is me you are talking to, I don’t care what you think about me, lose the tone and none civil. I only made this cause of Evolve’s community manager and 2K suggested that I put suggestions down. And I only mentioned Caira and Abe because of their recent challenge love wins. I’m not saying that they are a thing I’m saying if Evolve is gonna make a community challenge saying will Caira and Abe become a thing they should give proof that they had that option to begin with.


I see. I wasn’t even trying to be rude, but I got flagged anyway. I was mostly just joking in the first place.

I thought you literally meant love. My bad.


I understand and my apologies if I was a little short. No I honestly could care less about a romance between the two. I am just saying if they are gonna make a challenge about it show is the proof. It’s like the whole gorgon issue I have. They say every monster’s name except hers and it feels incomplete.


If i ask for more dialogue, it isn’t because there are few of them, but because i’m feeling like a rolling stones fan in the 70’s asking for a bis.


I believe @Matthew mentioned the possibility of some sort of dialogue database, though I can’t find the specific quote. While not the same, it would let you look through all the obscure convos you’ve never heard.