More damage than amped Torvald?


That’s boooooring though


You can still make a thread about it then, why don’t you do it?


Cause that requires me to make a thread and that requires effort and i dun wanna.


You prefer to keep talking about something off-topic, you prefer to make a thread about it or you prefer to let it go?
The choice is yours.


Dis one 



Topic question is answered though. It’s not diverting more like re-purposing.


You know what, I’m not going to fight anymore for that. You’re tiring me.


You remind me of shikamaru so smart but so lazy.


Off topic is still off topic. There’s a flag for that.

Tired of seeing this thread popping up when it’s run it’s course. Make a new thread and you might get more people that actually want to discuss monster balance, at any stage, during development.




OP’s question has been answered. No need for further discussion :slight_smile: