More counterplay options for Kraken please


Been playing Evolve since the Alpha and the Kraken has always bothered me a little. Now I’m taking a buddy up from 1 to 40 and I’m noticing a trend of Krakens creating more toxic environments for hunters than the other hunters. This is not so much a balance issue as an interactivity issue - with a flying monster, options can be somewhat limited. I think there have been some really good changes made so far (and the flight changes that didn’t work were a valiant effort). Two things stand out to me -

1.) Banshee mines do invisible damage to hunters, instantly popping when dropped on peoples heads.
2.) The fallen comrade game is extremely bad for hunters. If a Kraken picks off the medic early, he can continue to hover at distance and lob bombs until the character in question is dead. It has no need to commit any more or less than usual to stop a revive from happening, meaning that unless you have inflicted substantial damage, most games are over when the first hunter has fallen.

I’d really like to see a slight delay between a mines creation and its explosion - allowing it to seek and shriek for a half second after its creation but not to detonate until the hunters have had a chance to react to its presence. It would also be nice if the Krakens light, ranged attacks didn’t interrupt hunters from reviving, forcing it to close the gap or at least expend abilities to keep hunters off.

Regardless, the Kraken should be given more reasons to commit and come down to the ground every now and then so that every hunter has at least a window of opportunity to do heroics. Right now, much of this monsters advantage is in his frustrating mitigation of Hunter usefulness, and that feels problematic even when a victory is assured.


if you are firing into the kraken when it lobs a mine at you, you pop it before it reaches you.

Marcov’s lightning gun chains off of Kraken to pop the mines too. People just have to start shooting them. I was on a team the other day with people running right at the mines while chasing the Kraken.

I don’t know if they thought they woudl be able to heal up afterwards, or maybe really didn’t see them, but i ended up having to clear the path for them before they committed suicide by Kraken phlem.


They pop out very fast, and you pretty much have to be aiming directly at them to clear them. It’s somewhat possible for assaults, who have their primary weapons out constantly, but for the other hunters you don’t necessarily get a chance to react or even aim before the mine reaches its destination and instantly detonates.


Personaly I think banshee mines are fine as is.

I do agree 100% on the fact that the Kraken can camp bodies with little to no effort. They really should remove the interrupt from the flying ranged attack.


This is the problem I agree with. It requires a lot of luck or a very serious distraction (which doesn’t work against experienced players) to revive when Kraken can just drop a shock globe from orbit at will, not to mention the negligible cooldown to Vortex and the lack of a cooldown for Banshee Mines (if mixed in with everything else, there’s no reason it should ever be on cooldown - everyone knows how to do this now). He doesn’t even need to see the Hunters (like when they’re cloaked) to AoE a body and “camp” from very far away. Kraken is the reason a lot of Hunters aren’t used very often, since he has built-in counters to Lazarus (no need to body camp to deny revives), Bucket (never in range of turrets), Val (hardest of all Monsters to hit while zigzagging in the air, tranq does nothing when he’s flying i.e. always).


Don’t forget about the uselessness of a markov mine, or a Maggie harpoon.


Oh, I haven’t forgotten. Markov is just stuck using the Assault Rifle for the whole match. You can do a lot of damage that way, but it neuters Assaults to be stuck needing to do only accurate long-range damage. Parnell is at a loss trying to land rockets on a fast-moving Kraken.


Also Torvald’s Motors, Hank’s Orbital Barrage, Sunny’s Grenade Launcher (to a lesser extent). Being in the air is a HUGE advantage and TRS keeps making all these cool tools that just are not effective against the flying Kraken which is why so many people play him.


It seems like if the Kraken could be pinned down more often or forced to be more scrappy, it might need to be given more health to stay competitive, but it would also feel a lot better to play against. Maybe removing its heavy attacks in the air and reducing some of that orb pelt damage might be an incentive to close for melee more often, and obviously it would be nice if Harpoons and Stasis Grenades were functioning as well as they were intended to.


Someone has obviously never played Tribes.

Landing midair shots with slow moving projectiles has been a thing since the 90’s… Its a l2p issue if you’re having trouble making your shots


So what your saying is that if I just aim better the Kraken will not dash out of my Orbital Barrage after the first 1 or 2 hits. If I just be better the Kraken will sit within the range of Buckets Turrets.

On a more serious note I am not saying that it’s impossible by any means but for example Torvald’s Mortars are easy to lead and land against anything on the ground because you have a surface to aim at. The same thing goes for the Kraken if he is next to a wall, if you have a surface to aim at you can properly lead your target. The problem is that any decent Kraken will not be near any surfaces if they are fighting Torvald. If I could dial in and have my grenads aim at empty space and lead the Kraken mid-air that would be fine. Most of the time if you just aim in front of the Kraken you Mortars will arc really hard and hit some other obstacle because you are targeting some WAY far off location.


The only issue I see is the easy body camp.

Maybe if the splash damages of its aerial attacks didn’t stop reviving…


Kraken is broken at the moment
No cc works on him, literally cc has zero effect on his flight
Flight last too long
Ranged attacks interrupt actions