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I just wish we got a full product. There are no other games like this on the market

Dead By Daylight? Also, I do vaguely remember the Head Writer posting a story implying that they had the premise for a sequel… they even introduced new characters, abilities, and monsters in it.

I am not a big fan of serial killers.

Did the head writer say they have a sequel in production or hint at that? Last I heard they have a different IP in development

I am looking at the unused fiction from the head writer now

No, there isn’t a sequel in production, and the fact that he posted that implies there won’t be one. I was essentially the premise for a sequel, if they ever DID make one. It followed a bunch of scientists, engineers, and staff on a secret military space station with crazy ass science going down. The space station was sacked by monsters, and then they had fourteen days (I think?) before life support ran out on the station.

so pretty much alien

No. The space station is massive, with at least a hundred different levels, each incredibly and impossibly large.

Think Death Star, but with MASSIVE rooms containing cybernetic Godzilla monsters.

I’m reading it right now, kinda comes off as alien with the employees being at a disadvantage and being hunted by a stealthy monster.
But I see what you mean

There are more than one monster on the ship, including a stealthy one.

“Aliens” XD

Technically not, since they’re otherdimensional entities.

can we still play deepest dark in Stage 2?

Yeah, you can. The servers are still up.

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That is so cool!
Where did you get that?
i had no idea of the lore. hahaha “Kali” :stuck_out_tongue:
its so sad to find out soo many characters died !! D: …


*Disclaimer: not arguing anything that Matthew wrote, not saying any of what you said is wrong. Simply spitting out (currently terrible) ideas.

You know… we could feasibly get a sequel. Depends on if 2K ever decides to dust off the IP they purchased sometime in the future.

You know damn good and well they’d ignore anything on these forums whether Matthew wrote them or not if they did make a sequel.

Which is entirely dependent on them actually making a sequel. I’m not stupid, I know there’s a really small chance that they’d even think of working on one right this moment. Who knows, though. They could think everyone had forgotten about it in 5 years and take a run at it since they own it.

It’s been mentioned here by Devs. I also have information on adaptations that were unreleased, if you’d like. Just name a hunter or monster and I’ll tell you what I know.

Most of the info comes from dev posts in the final live stream Q&A. The images are from unused concept art, which can be found in the development thread.

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You need to like, not kill my thunder.

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Wasn’t all that just a fan theory with a little input from the devs? All I remember being confirmed in that thread was that the adaptations were cannon. Nothing else.

Adaptations being confirmed to be canon was BEFORE development ended. Like, months before. Look through the thread again, homie. Everything I just said is there.