More Concept Art!


Found some more lovely map concept art for you all. It’s made up of two photos but that’s to show it’s on the same display board (notice the wall and the footprint on the glass in each photo).

The one on the right has the new concept art, but it’s fairly low quality. Open to ideas for what you think each one might be :smile:



I don’t see much except for green and at the bottom of the left an icy map. Ice map confirmed.


wasnt the ice map confirmed in some interviews?


You might have missed one out. Check out the one on the top right on the right half


Snow was confirmed, so that suggests there’ll be an ice map


Just tell me! I can’t see it at all. Is it a volcano?


I think it might be. Certainly looks that way from the orange


Looks like it to me.

Also something very very green.


That bright blue screen across from the green mountain one, maybe a map with a huge open area? A lot of steep mountains without trees or greenery very desert-ish.


Right photo, one up from the bottom, looks like some sort of rocky badlands terrain


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Plaff is everywhere


I see red which looks like either a fire or volcano (I’m guessing volcano), a light green which looks like a forest during the day, and the bottom darker green reminds me of the Alien franchise


Nice find! I’m curios to know if these images are for reference for in game maps or taken from the game. I am excited to see this!


In the top right I definitely see a hunter wearing orange I see a blurry face and orange armor


I can see how that looks like the upper torso of a character, Markov or Hyde maybe?


Looks to me like an icy map, a mountainous forest map, imo its gunna be a valley map, volcanic map, in the left one third down on the left, it looks like crystals, possible cavern based map? also the top one in the same row looks like the northern lights, possibly a sky effect on an icy map?


First off, where the heck did you find these? Your becoming my new best friend @Plaff. Second I think I see a map that could be jungle ruins which would be awesome! Finally, not to burst bubbles but just because their is concept art doesn’t guarantee that it will be made. Lots of concept art is presented and ultimately turned down, but we can still keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the beautiful artwork


In my experience, that does happen, although concept art has the ‘concept’ in it for a reason.
Although its rarely exactly like the image created, a lot of final pieces are based off of concept art ideas, or developed through them