MORE CLASS SKILLS and Microtransactions instead of DLC's


i think having more Choices on Skills and Weapons will benefit you more. And having an mircotransaction base game will keep the community and fans of the game coming back for more. instead of charging $20 for a DLC. Charging $3 for a Skin would earn you more money and the community and fans of the game will not rage so much to it. like for instance League Of Legends they earn tons of Cash just by Skins and the ability to purchase new champions or Hero’s quicker. they give u a choice that u can have a Full game fun but if you want to make it more nice or better looking you pay. I can say that you will earn much more money in the long run and if you really care about your gamers this will actually be much more fun compared to keep releasing a new DLC which only ruins the fun.

Just telling you that if you continue the way you are doing your game will not last long. For Example Titanfall which was a good game and all but due to many DLC instead of just patches made the game a Ghosttown in like 1 or 2 years…

hope you all will take into account of this and change instead keeping to your mindset…


weapons are tied to characters, so they would need to make a full, new character. Which costs a lot of money, money which is simply not covered by $5 or something

they don’t, it’s the annoying haters that hate on the DLC plan. Real fans don’t

so we can assume you’re a expert?

that’s a relative thing. I like it the way it is. Gives us time to get used to the new character, instead of throwing new ones in while we’re still getting used to the ‘old’ ones

bla bla been there, heard that, anything new?

TL;DR:If you don’t like the current buisness model, too bad


They already do have micro transactions for skins and people were really up in arms over it. Personally, I like the way they have the DLC set up. Free maps and modes, free community challenge skins, charge for other skins and new characters. The price point is high, in my opinion, but I like the way they have it set up.


Yeah, difference between Evolve’s DLC and Titanfall’s DLC is that Evolve’s DLC doesn’t split the community. I can buy and use every piece of DLC that they come out with, and I will be able to use all of it with anyone, even if they don’t have any themselves.


the game wont die as long as they develope new real content (monsters, hunters, maps ) without long downtimes(not more than 2-3 months even if that means to release single hunters), at some point if we have like 3-4 tiers of hunters and monster in the cash shop they can switch to a f2p model and than the game will grow


Making more class skills is a very bad idea. No. Just…no.