More Beta Testing Before Launch?


Looking through the forums, it seems that there are still issues that need to be addressed in the current beta build.
Some of the issues might already been resolved in the released version but it would better if the changes were tested before launch so that people will know that the issues are resolved or more changes would be needed.
More beta testing will definitely improve Evolve overall.


While I would like another beta test, I doubt this is going to happen.

The game releases in 22 days, it will be at least 2 weeks before issues are properly fixed and tested internally. If we are to have another beta test then, any more changes that are needed most likely won’t make it to release unless they delay it.



I think in order to do another Beta, they would have to change the release date. That being said, this game makes the final build to most games released these days, look and feel pre-alpha.

I see this being released on time, and with a hotpatch soon after would be my guess!