More AA options


Please, bring back SMAA T2x. TXAA blurs everything up and it’s eating VRAM like crazy. Hell, bring back SMAA 4x! And maybe even MSAA.


I didn’t even knew it was gone, my game does look blurry as hell! And I play on the lowest resolution.


Me too, I use the lowest one

Thanks you shity computer


Evolve (and Cryengine multiplayer games in general) eat VRAM like crazy for some reason, so I’m all up for a different AA setting.

Although to be fair it’s not gonna do much for me since I’ve tried to play with AA off entirely and it’s still not performing all that great.

It’s incredible how unlike most games, Evolve will focus specifically on that ONE TINY thing that my PC sucks at; its low amount of video ram. Bam.
Other specs? Good PC? Evolve don’t give a fuck. Evolve see your pathetic VRAM. Evolve give you a very “cinematic” framerate.
Fuck me.


Consolegaming ftw ^^,


The AA options mentioned, are beyond what consoles are able to put out.

You’re comparing a 1 dinner meal, to an All you can Eat Buffet, at the same restaurant.