Monsters win rates


After recent games, I have noticed that monsters are losing more frequently, and I believe it should be fixed a bit, I feel like there is a good imbalance in the fights. Hunters just in general have a higher win chance.


This is because Monsters are generally underpowered in comparison. A good Hunter team can easily destroy a Monster.

Maybe it's time to buff other monsters to Goliath level?

And then we buff hunters a bit(a lot). Cant wait for the new telemetry data… @mizx



Sry Bob… it will take some time for you to be actually competitive… no matter how other monsters do :sob:


Surely you aint talking about normal hunt right ?


go into coop, make 40 games. join hunt, pick bob, make screenshot.


Nope, this is all done in normal hunt with at least half the game played by Bob, and now my streak is 51.


Then either you are the best monster on this planet or matchmaking matches you with only scrubs.

But i take the challenge :slight_smile: wait i can’t my game crashes every fifth game.



Assemble your team, add me on steam.



If you’ve done it with Bob only, I seriously think that you should take a video of you playing Bob for the sake of everyone including devs. You might suggest a new paradigm of playing Bob.


I have done 25 streak Bob only but its boring keep playing the same monster again then again.

and my PC is not good enough to run recording software while playing the game. :confounded: