Monsters vs


Hello fellow forum members! I was having a debate in another forum about who would win in a battle out of these 2 factions: Skynet from terminator or the evolve monsters. This gave me inspiration for this thread. I think it would be cool that in this thread, we compare the monsters of shear against various enemies and then fight them to the death in a simulated battle. Watcha think?

Of course, first up, it would be 100 stage 3 Goliaths vs 100 T-101’s equipped with miniguns and grenade launchers. Discuss who you think would win


Wraith. :wink:


No. Just no. No wraiths for this match unfortunately. Maybe we will do a wraith vs. Xenomorph battle later.


Pretty sure T’s stand no chance against Monsters.

A T is about the equivalent of Hyde. Y’know, minigun and grenades.

ANd we all know how easily can a Hyde be rendered useless.


For the sake of this match well say that all the goliaths have 2 points in each attack. I wouldn’t dismiss the T’s just yet. I mean just 1 did heaps of damage, imagine what 100 could do.


Can we send a Goliath back in time to stop the event that results in 100 T’s?


Haha no. Nice try though.


You know who I’m rooting for.


I was a bit sparse on the T-101’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) load out. Here is a more descriptive load out post

Biker clothes/sunglasses: (not much armor rating, but makes him kill in style)

Endoskeleton: Makes T-101 resilient to lots of bullets/battering, and allows him to control all recoil from weapons.

1887 Winchester: Lever action shotgun.
Huge dmg at close range

Minigun: Decent range. Good damage

Grenade launcher: massive dmg at all ranges.

M1911 Pistol: Standard Military sidearm. Used by the T-101’s when downed. Decent accuracy and range. Light dmg.


Behemoth would win.
All they have to do is kill a few hunters, wrap their corpses around the weakspot, add more rocks for armor, and then go to town.
Or you can just send in a Kraken to electrocute all of them :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, this battle is goliath only. Sorry bruh.


The do the same process with Behemoth, but wrap the bodies around Goliath!


Probably not a good idea to use T-101’s as body armor. Last time I checked, they ran on nuclear fusion cells, so poor goliath would basically have a nuclear bomb strapped to him


why don’t they send in the true hunters. THE PREDATORS


That sounds like another battle we could do later. You could analyze their weapons


Predators are the perfect hunters. Heres a list

1.They have cloaking.

2.Thermal vision so they can find people or monsters.

3.they have powerful lazer cannons that blow stuff up.

4.there extremely skilled in combat and have nice sharp claws for melee.

well thats all I know so far.there you go.


GoliathGuy will remember that. (not referencing telltale games or anything)


I was meaning to kill the hunters.
A nice Hyde belt.
A Cabot T-shirt
A Caira Hat.
And Markov shorts.


What about Kraken? Cause you know. Lightning.