Monsters Vs Superheros!


Okay, I’ve seen some threads like these floating around so I though “why not make one for myself!” so here goes, just post your Superhero V.S monster ideas in the thread below so we can discuss and argue like the nerds we all are!

A few of my ideas-
Wraith vs Batman
Goliath vs Hulk
Kraken Vs Aquaman


Deadpool>All others.


I don’t know, I could see Deadpool taking on a few monsters. Although after a few he might just get ripped to literal shreds for a bit. I know that wouldn’t kill him, but he would be stuck as simply “the merc with only a mouth” for a while.


Wraith beats Batman. Hands down.
Kraken beats Aquaman. Hands down.
Goliath and Hulk…Pretty even here. :confused:


You realize Deadpool killed the entire Marvel universe? ^.-


I don’t know about the Kraken Aquaman one though, also Batman is incredibly intelligent. I think you’re underestimating the super-heroes here. (also they have access to all gadgets and abilities available to them, this means that batman get’s all his gadgets and Aquaman can use the sea to his advantage.)


He… He did what now?


But there’s nothing Batman or Aquaman could do to kill a Monster. They don’t have the damage, and the Monsters are very smart themselves.


He killed the Hulk, Wolverine, X-23, Thor, etc… Look up Deadpool kills the marvel universe.
A mutant fucked with his head, and made him even more insane. He made it his mission to kill literally every superhero/villain.


I just had this really funny mental image of Batman sneaking up behind a Wraith and trying to choke it to death. Like getting it in a headlock and then holding on for dear life while it bucks around trying to hit him. And then it disappears because it was a decoy, so he falls on his face.


Lol. :joy: Somebody do it! Nao!


(also, hulk VS Goliath would be something I would pay big bucks to watch, it would be Gloooorious.)


Hulk would win, sorry.


Oh yeah, totally. But it would be badass to see Hulk slowly marching forward through Goliaths flame breath, a look of utter rage and determination on his face. Goliath would be backing up slowly, flames expelling themselves from his mouth. And then Hulk would stop for a second, back up while the flames slowly burnt him, and just jump like 30 feet into the air and slam into Goliath’s head killing it instantly.


The Hulk ripped Deadpool apart, and Deadpool healed; and decapitated him while he slept. That’s how Deadpool killed Hulk. ^.^
He had to be ripped to shreds first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Hulk more durable than Goliath? I mean, in one of the movies that other monster thang makes him bleed with a stone spike.

My Railcannon gives stone the middle finger.

Goliath can take a lot of Railcannon shots.


Hulk can take on bullets, and they bounce off his skin when he’s green. ^.^
Depends on what version of the Hulk maybe?

And the Hulk is stronger than like anyone ever. So yeah, bye Goliath.