Monsters vs. premade teams


Hey there, everyone! I have recently been requesting matches with organized teams on PS4 as a dedicated monster, and I’m having a ton of trouble as, obviously, PUGS vs. a coordinated group is a totally different ball game. Sometimes I even find myself wondering, “What can I do right now, is there any hope at the moment to win against these guys? Who do I focus?”.

Consistent level 1 domes seem to be the norm, very rarely do I pull off a level 2 evolution unscathed. I was just wondering, for the dedicated monsters out there who like to fight coordinated teams, what are some of the hurdles you had to overcome in this new environment, and how did you deal with them? I’ll take hints on any monster, as I use them all, with a slight preference towards the Kraken and Wraith.


If they stay on you, use feeding speed. Get to know the best places to get the early farm on. For example on Distillery I always head down between the 2 buildings, cut through and head to the beach corner where the tyrant spawns. Lots of quick 3 meats.

If you get caught in a stage 1 dome, be evasive. If you can take a hunter down, do so. Chances are they have Caira (who requires hard high powered combos to deal with) so you most likely won’t get strikes. The good news is that if you survive the first dome and are close to evolving you don’t have to worry about getting domed on the fresh evolve.

If you have trouble getting far enough away pick stamina recharge as your perk, if they are close but you can dodge them and keep them out of LoS go with feeding speed.


I see, I don’t usually use those two perks, but they definitely make sense. I can also see how the feeding perk can help me in combat to snatch up some quick armor if I can mid fight.

I should also load up some custom games to get more acquainted with the maps!


conversely you can run movement speed. the number 1 thing to do against pre-mades more than ever is stare at that 3 second window where you see what they have picked. and plan your fightplan accordingly.

first. identify the trapper. this will determine your start path.

next. identify the support or any CC + search tool. this will adjust your movement between meals.

then. assume they will find you nearing stage 2 or after you hit stage 2. plan that fight in your brain the best you can. who will you go for, how you will fight. and how to get around thier defenses.

after that. plan the escape. this is 10x important. the defining moment is when u hear the trapper say " domes goin down" your goal is to distrupt the teams CC members from getting into posistion while you establish your own. need to know your maps to pull this off right.

after you do these things. you just need to focus on fighting skill in domes. landing your moves and chaining things together in the right ways. all depends on the comps. play your game, but to thier weaknesses!


I like that, Kyron, that gave me a totally new perspective on something that should be so obvious. I do need to better anticipate when the dome is about to go down and be ready to get as much distance as possible. Disrupting their CC beforehand is great advice as well, don’t want Val to get off a tranquilizer as soon as I leave the dome!


Here’s a tip that I learned. Don’t get too caught up in your habits. I played Kraken pretty religiously when the game came out. Within a month I was around 60 or so wins without a single loss. This was part because I played the Beta a lot and got the hang of the monster and because I was a lower level so I was matched against people of lower levels.

When I actually played a good coordinated team, I got slaughtered. At first I was upset and complaining about the glitches and stuff or how broken some of the hunter were (Abe + Caira) but then I realized that I can’t win every game, and honestly shouldn’t win every game. If you win every game it doesn’t help your growth as a monster player. You don’t have to learn new strategies because yours always works. When you face adversity, you will probably lose.

As a monster, the first few things you should look at are:
-the map
-the hunters

The map should dictate where you should go, what buffs are there and where they are, and which hiding spots / choke points should I be aware of.

I can’t stress enough that as a monster you need to look at which hunters were selected before the match starts. If the trapper is Abe or Crow, you need to sneak at the start of the match and choose a path that you think is appropriate but at the same time not predictable. If the trapper is Griffin or Maggie, you should run away as far as possible, eat what you can, and sneak away (very far away) so that you can throw them off your trail.

When you engage in your first fight with the hunters, you should already have in mind which hunter you should fight as the dome is coming down on you. Sunny is always high priority, so Is Caira and Hank, while other hunters like Lazarus or the Assault should be lower priority, but it is all situation based.

Kraken should have cooldown reduction as the pre game perk and Wraith should have traversal if you are playing the offensive build known as Sky Wraith. You can find strategies for each on Youtube or in the discussions around here.

Just play more, study the maps, learn the matchups, and learn from your mistakes and I’m sure you will do much better at this game.


lol “offensive”

another good idea is stage 1 fight practice in pubs. unless you have that precious perfect win rate in pubs. losing doesnt really matter. and like Grey said. you learn way more by losing. thats all iv been doing lately. not with the currently broken kraken either. but all monsters stage 1 force the fight. cuz if the team is good. no daisy or not they will find you stage 1.

I know this cuz as a trapper i can do it zero sound spikes as griffin. so I train to beat myself as a trapper. but stage 1 shouldnt be dome dodging. that, in my opinion is the best way to lose slowly lol.


Great tip man! I always try to check out which trapper I will be up against.

If Maggie, I’m not trying to sneak as much.

If Abe or Griffin, sneaking is a must.

And crow, just run like a mad man possessed.

It also helps to check out the Medic to make sure Laz isn’t going to try to revive people. B/c then you have to play the body camp game.


If you have a good amount of armor, you might as well use it, don’t be afraid to fight, even at stage 1. Even a single strike is very valuable against a good team. You’ll throw a lot of people off this way as most people expect a stage 1 to flee when found and people often get flustered and taken off guard when they find an aggressive S1 monster. Also if you’re not sure what perk to use, then damage bonus, damage resistance, and cooldown reduction are always good ones to choose for any monster. These are general tips and all I can give you without more specifics. Good luck in “hunter” hunting my fellow monster. :smile:


Yeah man, I always tell myself to try to be more aggressive if a dome is inevitable! I just have to play more to do it more intelligently. It’s all fun and games until I eat a mortar or two to the face and my armor is shredded T.T.


Yeah against Torvald, you should be moving almost constantly, really make him work for those mortar hits.


or beat torvald to a pulp. he is weak without his mortar landing. switching targets helps with that. because hes trying to lead his shots into the hunters path.


Yeah but if you get in his face then the mortars will just land directly in your face


nope. land cc. then listen. he will fire in the air like an idiot as you walk around it lol. or change targets. he will fire at himself because hes no longer looking at you. so now he looks like a dumbass while u pummel his teammates lol. without him hitting you sunny really doenst do THAT much. ull be fine.


Make sure to keep an eye out for shallow water. On weather control for example you speed run and traversal all the way to the beach without any tracks at all with out really sneaking at all. A lot of maps are good for this, just be careful of fords and stuff. Maximize distance zero tracks.

On some maps you can evolve fully submerged in water. Hides the glow and model rather well. Good to buy a few seconds if you can’t shake that sunny team.


On Wraith, don’t be afraid to invest only one point in Abduction. I usually start out with 2 in Warp Blast, 1 in Abduction. Whenever possible I’ll go look for the damage redux buff, or the damage buff… This will bring my Warp Blast to the same damaging values as one with 3 points invested in it. The Abduct will be there to quickly bring back any hunters who are trying to escape you - Which they will try to do, logically.

During the first fight I usually try to score at least one strike, with atmost one health bar gone; most of the times the hunters will be too caught up in the moment, because they need to change tactics to deal with a stage 1 offensive Wraith. People mostly play hide and seek. Barely anyone knows how to deal with an offensive player.


Yeah? How often do you run into trouble going with this build? I see the logic, but I also see the high risk without an early decoy to help with jukes and fights, you’re at the mercy of hunter damage?


Read / Watch this guys Sky Wraith tutorial. It’s actually pretty helpful for those who haven’t seen / played the build yet. I wish more people would play Wraith this way and not the Cat and Mouse Decoy build because that build gets thrashed by good hunters pretty easily.


100% hell no. its 10xs more annoying to fight the sky wraith. trolling from the skies until he reaches stage 3. its just as stupid and useless as the decoy build.

why dont they do the warp blast build and fight like a monster instead of being a little coward lol.


Decoy is only useful when you can break line of sight anyway. Not to mention that you don’t get to control the AI, and thus don’t know where the damage will land or even if it will land at all. If you have enough accuracy to land your abducts, it’ll become incredibly easy to launch your warp blasts efficiently as well. This will allow you to down any trapper within a matter of seconds.

If there’s a good support player (like Hank for instance) you’ll take a few seconds extra to down the shield, but it shouldn’t matter too much. Should the hunters bring Caira or have an effective Slim, you can easily divert your attention to them first.

And if you’re really worried about running an offensive build, consider this… The hunters will likely panic if a Wraith actively engages them before they’ve spotted her. Panic and chaos will make people do stupid things. Stupid things get people killed. It’s that simple :sunglasses: .