Monsters too easy for High Level Hunters in Co-op


I used to remember the times when I got really depressed and shaken from having lost a mission, but now, it is the other way around, that I get depressed whenever I keep playing missions with the monster being killed at level 1.

Unfortunately, as of level 30, the last 10 games or so ended like this, with the monster AI in the co-op mode being unable to feed at all, and dying at an anti-climatic level 1, despite having 4 auto-balance buffs.

Since it is a co-op mode anyway, why not give us an option to tweak the monster’s difficulty for multiplayer games? Or even better yet, why not let the monster’s difficulty for co-op scale with the average of the 4 hunters’ levels combined?


You can tweak the difficulty in custom games.


The biggest issue with Monster AI is that they rarely sneak. You can track and dome an AI Monster at stage 1 consistently.


Just play custom games