Monsters to be overplayed?


I have a feeling that the monsters will be everyone’s all out favorites for this game. I am one of those that really wants to play the monster and be the sole hunter. I am going to try the hunters also but I feel no matter what I will stick with the big uglies.

Just wondering what everyone was thinking when it comes to monster v hunter time played basis.


I think Monster gameplay is the greatest departure from the modern military shooter playstyle, so i think there will be plenty of people preferring the hunter playstyle. Plus Monsters are all alone and seems kind of anti social to me, i want to have people to talk to while playing videogames.


I think that yes, there will be plenty of people who prefer the monster, I also feel a lot of people are also interested in a really cooperative shooter. I don’t know how many people will prefer which, but that’s where bots will come in


@Brandini The bots are part of my issue. Not that its a bad idea to replace players who disconnect with bots or anything like that. Im just saying that if everyone is just playing Monsters v bots I feel the game will become less interesting because its just such a great game concept of 4v1. And with bots you kind of lose that “human error” where someone misses a trap or runs into a plant in the wildlife and dies. Clearly, or at least I hope, the bots aren’t the perfect player, placing traps exactly where the monster goes but its still more fun knowing the person youre crushing with giant boulders or lightning strikes is another person just scared to hell of the giant monster theyre shooting at.


This is also where the round robin style kicks in. If there are an over abundance of monsters, I think some might have to play as hunters, but idk. This has been something that TRS has said they have measures against, though I’m not sure exactly what they will do, but we will see if it works when the alpha comes out


By that do you mean it will take a sort of League of Legends type of que in? By that I mean you que up for a game and when you are sent in you are either put in as the monster or one of the 4 hunters. Or will it always be up to you what you want to play and when?


from my understanding you put it your preference and it trickles down from there. so if all 5 members all pref the monster then it randomizes. but you make an order so you get your next pref position. the chances of all 5 prefering the exact same order should be really rare and if that happens then yes it will all be randomized.


I’ve heard they will have a kind of preference system in place. For example in this list 1 monster 2 medic 3 support 4 assault 5 trapper, the game will first try to find a match to my monster request. If it is unable to find an open monster slot, then I get put in as a medic and so on. Once in a lobby though, I have heard it is possible to trade spots if the others would like


I like that concept. Because although I primarily want to play the monster getting in there as assault or trapper every now and then definitely wouldn’t bother me.

Also, will there be a sort of reward system or ranking system? Not to keep comparing it to LoL but I would like to see a ranking system where you know where you stand in the game.


There will be leaderboards but idk how the ranking system works, but there is one in place because I’ve heard you can unlock new characters offline but you won’t earn xp for ranking up to avoid griefers


That’s good to hear, sounds like people won’t be able to edit their levels or cheat for xp.

You mentioned that there would probably be a priority queueing system, like 1 for monster, 2 for medic, etc: Will there also be a list for hunters/monster that you do not want to play at all? For example, if I don’t want to play support, can I designate support as a hunter I would prefer to not be playing. And the game will then use the priorities to have me play support a lot less, or never.


I think you would just leave that slot blank and only put the classes you want in the list


If there was a certain class you didn’t want, putting it at the bottom SHOULD keep you from ever really playing that class, but please don’t quote me on that. I think I heard that the game would hardly ever put you into a role lower than your 3rd pick


I feel like I will play the Monster if I am online by myself, however when my friends are on I will most likely play Hunters almost all the time. I like being a team player and communicating competitively. IDK, that’s just how I would play the game


I like team work to but I don’t have any friends with ps4s yet and I hate playing with strangers no matter who’s fault it is you lost they flip out in everyone else and blames them for the loss (of course I normally play cod with all the rage players)


I wouldn’t know where to put Monster on my list! Hmmm, let me carefully think this one out. I would like to have a go at all characters to begin with (I’ll probably go offline against bots with each until I head online) so until I’ve had a good feel for each one, my starting list as of now would probably be:

  1. Support
  2. Trapper
  3. Assault
  4. Medic

And Monster would come somewhere in between those guys or maybe first? Gah! I don’t know yet.


While I want to play monster first and the monster looks to be my favorite overall, I am still excited to play hunters and I think for every one game I get to be monster, there will be 3 - 4 rounds as hunters. Honestly, I just want to play the game period!


Same here, I just wanna play already lol


Well duh I want to play the monster but my alternative hands down would be the trapper I think assault would be my last I would just be trying to get in his face all the time


I have to say, playing the Monster is usually too much stress for me. I’m very much a team person and I prefer being on the side of the Hunters. I never volunteer to play Monster and I’m sure there will be others like me, I’m not really worried about player population balance.