Monsters that "sneak" pounce in combat

I feel like the whole sneak pounce during combat is a cop out to try and get more damage–if you’re able to land it, rather then actually combining abilities and melees. Personally, I never use it during combat or as an extra movement feature like I see so many “high level” players or monster players in general do; I will use it as its intended which is catching a hunter off guard while they stray away or while I wait around the corner…I play both sides so this isn’t a bias post.
I guess my whole thing is what’s the point of using it for more than its purpose, if you’re a “good monster” then I feel like you wouldn’t need to count on that to set up a combo, or move around the map.
Edit–only time I use it in combat is while playing Wraith, decoy sneak around to a distracted hunter and then pounce while invisible.


Play the game as it is, not as how you think it should be.


Well if you were fighting ESL level teams? Yes you would. ._.

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Well I’m having no issue winning or accepting a defeat. Like I said, I play both sides…just seeing why people do it that’s all haha. This isn’t a complaint thread, more so an insight into other players thought.

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For movement I would think managing of traverses would be a better way and quicker of getting around.
And for combat, is it really THAT good to the point where combining the abilities that were chosen, with the melee attacks isn’t the way to go?
Just seeing why others choose to do it like that? I’ve played against some good premades (PS4) and have won and lost my share of them…idk I guess I feel like it’s a cheesy tactic?

Don’t back track, you just said you thought it was cheap.

You probably win easy pub matches and think it yourself, “This pounce move is cheap because I’m winning so hard.”

You won’t think that when you face gold premades.

Sometimes the pounce combos are more effective. For example, mine mine pounce is a good chunk if damage, a stun lock, and brings a hunter in right next to you.

Behemoth? Tongue, lava, wall, pounce into lava is fun.

Sometimes they’re better, sometimes worse. They’re a tool in your arsenal so use them.

Would I change this had I the chance? Absolutely. But I doubt it’s being changed, so I’ll adapt- as a Medic and a Monster.

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No that’s not what I think…I’m trying to see why others do it. I’ve faced gold pre-mades…have won and loss. Like I said, just getting insight into other players mind.

Personally, I pounce in combat all the time (I’m quite the touchy feely little bastard. Plus it’s funny to hear @Donut’s responses to being man-handled) for nothing more than simply disorientation, stalling for a brief moment for an ability to come off CD, or even just because a straight backwards-pounce onto the Assault, even if broken almost immediately, is funny as hell to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, it doesn’t always end up being the BEST choice, but then, that could be said about any decision you make in combat. When I do it in combat, I’m not expecting to down anyone with it (Or the Hunters goofed, hard), and I’m usually broken off before the first tick of damage. It’s more situational utility to me and sometimes I’d rather pin you for that moment, spark a reactionary Dodge-Spam for when you’re freed and place you that much deeper into hot water when my abilities are ready and it’s time to dodge and you’re missing a boost or two.

It’s all I see pounce as, another tool. Situational at best, but a tool nonetheless!

Hell, I’m less agitated by last-man pounces than I used to be (Now it usually just sparks a "Can’t finish me like a maaaaan?! 1v1 meh brah!’ comment, but merely in jest more than anger. Unless it’s a close game. Then you stay the hell away from that pounce and make a fight of it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I get excited (._. )


Edit your OP and I’ll respond, or else it sounds like a troll topic.

Makes sense, thanks for actually sharing the knowledge haha and explaining why some do use that as a tactic. That’s all I wanted.

Got the answer to my question thanks to @MidnightRoses which is what the point of this post was. Not trolling or anything, just a valid question.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I mostly play Wraith. So as the Wraith, I mostly cloak pounce hunters, if i can get a hunter alone, and the opportunity is right. I try NEVER to pounce win. I will get off of the hunter to finish them off with melees\abilities. I have killed lone hunters with pounce, a way to sort of, shame the lack of team game play lol. As a hunter, I dont mind being pounced, 'cause I try to stay close to my team, so I wont be pounced for long. I F#&%ING HATE POUNCE WINS! I scream, “GET OFF AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN, F#&%ER!” LOL. Anyways, just my opinion on pounces.

That’s what I do with the wraith as well. Thanks for actually giving an input and our thought of the matter instead of assuming I’m trying to troll or something like others :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ll not pounce last man if the hunter team has played well and it’s a close match. But if they’re all dying and I have like half my health…Sorry, you weren’t going to win anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue: In such a case it’s less of a coward move and more of a timesaving move.


I think its kind of a coward move sometimes more than anything. The only times I pounce are on accident and I immediately let them go.

Is it cowardly to use Slim’s spores to hide your whole team from the Monster? No. It’s a tool, it’s part of his kit, calling a Slim cowardly for hiding in spores all day would be silly. I think pounce has a time and a place, and it can be anticipated pretty easily. If you’re alone, pounced. Out of line of sight, pounced. :goliath_roar:

Even if you don’t get pounced, if your team can’t see you, I’m gona hit you with abilities and get you down anyway, or at least do damage. Pounce damage isn’t that high, not compared to comboing moves. Its a tool the Monster has, that is only effective at certain times, why not use it?

If Val is running from me, and Hank is shielding her but nobody else is around, it’s a good move to pounce her!!! Knock some juice off his shield, force him to shoot you off, and then combo Val down, hopefully before he shields her again. That’s a good play, in my opinion.

I don’t pounce the last Hunter, unless they cloak and I don’t want to look for them, but if it’s a good opportunity to pounce a lone Hunter, I think it’s a good idea. It teaches teamwork, and not to be Rambo.

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