Monsters that have *known* fifth abilities & passive abilities (Updated 12/1/2015)



  • Passive Ability:
  • No known passive
  • Fifth Ability:
  • No known fifth ability
  • Unique Traits:
  • No known Unique Traits, besides being able to randomly fly into the air.

Meteor Goliath

  • Passive Ability:
  • No known passive
  • Fifth Ability:
  • No known fifth ability
  • Unique Traits:
  • Her Armor Glow and flames are snuffed out when she goes into a sneaking position.
  • His abilities are capable of setting wildlife and hunters on fire and doing DOT.

Why Meteor Goliath’s Fire on hunters is not her passive ability


  • Passive Ability:
  • No known passive
  • Fifth Ability:
  • No known fifth ability
  • Unique Traits:
  • Has two means of inflicting damage with melee, must be launched into the air using Airburst to active it.
    • Kraken’s close range melee attack becomes a projectile base attack. Raining down electromuffins that he produces down on the hunters or wildlife.


  • Passive Ability:
  • Can use melees without slowing down.
  • Fifth Ability:
  • No known fifth ability
  • Unique Traits:
  • No known Unique Traits.

Because she is floating and not hold by the ground also because she’s doesn’t have the tools or armor to stay in long fights so she needs to go in and back off to regroup.


  • Passive abilities:
  • Consuming food gives 25% more Armor.
  • Fifth Ability:
  • Traversals(Rolling) can be used as a means of doing damage to wildlife and hunters.
  • Unique Traits:
  • Has armor plate on some parts of his body that takes limb damage instead of body.
    • This makes him take less damage overall if show by bullet.

A change that was added later after his release rather than on release due to the high amounts of food required to armor if he only ate at 100% armor bar per food bar.


  • Passive Ability:
  • No known passive.
  • Fifth Ability:
  • Can wall cling, the ability to stick to walls allows Miley to pounce them from a higher vantage point.
  • Unique Traits:
  • Likes to dance.

But a lot of people have been wanting Miley to be able to climb faster because spiders…

Wall clinging is not a passive ability, but rather and active fifth ability kind of like how Bob can do that roll thing.

Examples of Passive abilities that some hunters have.


Not effected by knockbacks and tumbles.

Since knockbacks from the monsters have been nerfed greatly over the past few months, she is virtually immune to all knockbacks now.

We have been told that the knockback thing that was so talked about at launch wasn’t true…


Can sprint while shooting and doesn’t loses momentum from jumping or strafing

Found this nice example from Overwatch talking about Passives, they share similar traits like those found in other games so it can be applied in a similar fashion.

Passive abilities are abilities that either activate without the player’s interaction; or do not directly affect the game world, but only the movement or state of the hero or their abilities. When passive abilities are controlled, they are usually activated using the Space bar.

Not all heroes have passive abilities, but no hero has more than one. Where present, passive abilities are often core to the play style or capabilities of the hero.

HP regen, Damage Reduction are passive that are constantly on or can be countered that doesn’t require any activation. as well as to some degree Damage Increase share this.


Wouldn’t Meteor Goliath setting enemies on fire with all of his abilities be classed as a passive?


Was about to suggest that, but one could argue that it’s part of his abilities rather than a passive trait. Now, if his melee attacks inflicted burns, … That might have counted as a passive.


We thought it was but most people agreed that it is part of the abilites that you level up, meaning part of the move and they require to be leveled up and activated to be used.

Passives are abilites that are always working on the background and no matter what build you level up, perk you use or what you do they’ll always be active.

Great example, I’ll put it up on the OP to save people the time without going through the talk again.


Fair point, both of you. Didn’t think about that.

I do think it would be cool for every monster and hunter to have a unique passive ability. I can’t see it happening at all but it would be cool nontheless. :smile:


I am pretty sure Parnell has the same passive sprint while shooting as Jack


Doesn’t Arachne have a faster wall climb than other monsters? Or is the scurrying motion deceptive, giving an impression of greater speed whilst the actual speed is the same?


Parnell has increased movement speed and jump height while in SS, giving him the effect that it doesn’t slow him down when he’s using it.

Besides you need to activate it, to use it. Like how wraith uses supernova or Ciara uses adrenaline boost, so that is an activated ability.


Its just a visual illusion probably from the motion of her thin and small legs or an effect bug she has that is linked to her traversal model, I’ve been testing her climbing on tall buildings and walls but she climbs just as fast as the other monster.

p.s. It be great if some were to take the time to make a comparison video.


That sucks… I liked the idea of her having a faster climb speed… It would just make so much sense.


Wouldn’t behemoth and Kraken having certain hitboxes be a passive? (At least Behemoth’s )


Yeah a lot of people thought that she would have had the passive but so far it doesn’t seem like it.


What do you mean?

I thought Kraken had the hitbox change so that even if he’s in the air he’ll receive the same consistent amount of damage from bullets(or similar weapons) as if he were on the ground.

I could see how it can be considered some form of a passive ability for Bob, but sadly we don’t have a way of telling because we can’t see the actual box itself.


How would Kraken’s hitboxes be a passive o.O I don’t think hitboxes can be a passive ability. Behemoth, though, has armour plating (extra limb) so maybe that could count? I don’t see Kraken’s though.


Well Kraken takes normal damage everywhere on his body except his head (which is 2.0x). Not sure of it counts as a passive but it should be mentioned.
Behemoth is limb damage anywhere on his armor plating.


Where are his body damages though? other than on his face.


No, normal has limb damage too. Some of the limb areas were converted into body, and some of the head was converted into body. The hitbox is the same with all monsters, just the size varies a bit.

@Azmi_Anuar the biggest area is on his back. small areas along the side too perhaps? They may be limb too though.


Behemoth has passive rolling damage as no other monster does passive damage during traversal, and Gorgon has extra burst damage applied when she stealth pounces from a wall. I think both of those are passive sources of damage that other monsters can’t draw from.


MG does have a passive. When sneaking her flames turn off, making her harder to spot.


IIRC Jack’s passive extends to far more than just sprinting whilst shooting, I believe he doesn’t lose momentum generated by running whilst shooting, jumping, strafing, etc.