Monster's target priority


Now there is already a degree of common knowledge for monsters. Firstly always target the medic first and always down the down the trapper when stuck in dome. Now who you should target changes from game to game and monster to monster. So from my time in the alpha and watched the streams and videos this is my list of which Hunters should be prioritized. Feel free to comment and disagree. Also I am only mentioning the first 8 Hunters since most of us have not played or hunted Tier 3.

  1. Lazarus:
  2. Hank:
  3. Val:
  4. Griffin:
  5. Maggie:
  6. Bucket:
  7. Markov
  8. Hyde:
  9. Daisy

Note I put Assault at the bottom since most monsters I see focus the other hunters first. I will rearrange based on community feedback. Also I will add opinions on the rankings later.


If Laz and Hank are in a team I would try and get Laz to use his personal stealth, burst hank, then get Laz again, if hank isn’t there it’s always healer first unless someone else gets closer/you’re just trying to get out of the arena


:support: = #1 IF it is Hank, because he can shield and protect others (unless you see him slacking and is offense-only)

:medic: = #2, Especially if Lazarus, but even if other Medics, don’t just drop them, KILL them. Medic is force multiplier, so without, damage you do stays done.

:assault: = #3. Because he damages so much, drop him next to reduce how low your health gets for the remainder of the battle.

:support: / :trapper: = #4. The :trapper: is prioritized only if you need to escape, but otherwise both can be knocked out in any seqeuence, as their abilities won’t hinder you in any tangible way since you’ve eliminated the primary threats.

Of course, that’s for Hunt. If you’re playing Nest, then my priority goes :assault: > :support: > :trapper: > :medic: because of damage output ability.

In Rescue, my priority goes: :medic: > :support: > :assault: > :trapper:

It really depends on the game mode you’re playing; different objectives call for different tactics.


I would go for support first for the simple fact of that Cloak. Several games I’ve been in (both sides) the hunters were able to live lone enough o get out of the dropship just because of a great cloak use. Trapper is easy enough to kill since they can’t cloak and you can easily find them.


It depends on the match up tbh. Support/Medic are usually the stronger but sometimes I just want to beat down the Trapper so I can run away. Or if they split up 2 by 2 and there isn’t that many targets to choose from. I mostly agree with Aegis’s list. Hank is a big threat.


It does depend on the game mode but I was just attempting to make a “rule of thumb” list. Also I did it by each characters because all Hunters are not created equal. Also this was to encourage discussion which it is doing :smile:


Well, I think a lot of people want to fall into an IF [this] THEN [that] scenario where they attempt to min/max their chance of success by taking the best choices, but there are so many variables, that many games will play out with enough random behavior that it might go out the door.

I guess at best we can say “There are guidelines, but not as many rules.”



:trapper: > :medic::assault::support: is my general guideline
anything that impairs my movement is secondary priority

depending on situation i switch it up tho, usually I got for the weakest player first


:medic: > :assault: > :trapper: > :support:

Medic can MEDigate your damage dealt to the hunters, taking them down first will allow you to easily take others out.

Assault deals the damage, but is harder to take out than the other hunters. When his shield is up, move onto the :trapper: until it goes away. Then hop back on him and take it out.

Trapper deals decent damage, but holds you in place. The reason they are above Support is because they don’t have a cloak to get away. Yes, they CAN be cloaked, but a good monster can keep an eye on where they were going before the cloak.

Support is last because they are so slippery. You don’t want to waste your time running around looking for the support instead of dishing out damage to their healer or heavy DPS.

  1. Medics : Lazarus and Val
  2. Support: Hank
  3. Trappers: All of them, griffin and abe have more priority than maggie
  4. other supports: cabot and bucket
  5. assaults

special exception is caira who might not be a focus target at all and you might just want to knock her away from her team, and her team away from her, so that she can not land heals

assaults should never be prioritized because a decent assault will not die between personal shield + medic and supports keeping guard on him. You’ll just eat an assload of damage and gain nothing. Best strategy is to just distance yourself from the assault and knock him away when possible to minimize his damage output. He needs to be relatively close to be getting it in.


1st - Hank :hank:, hes the most vunerable (especially if you are playing goliath and counter his cloack with fire breath), hes the most efficient character to nulify your damage and he has the most dangerous ability that denies you from corpse camping and tunnel vision targetting.

2nd - Medic if in close proximity, If not Assault.

3rd - Assault if you haven’t killed him previously.

4th - Support.

5th - Trapper.


A lotta smart cookies here. Medics will get priority attention, but Hank is the only one who can mitigate that damage. In time, Medics are really gonna hate getting priority targeted, but that’s the name of the game.


It’s like any PvP game. Kill the ones that can sustain or deal you the most amount of damage (If they are squishy). Assault is not squishy so medic/hank it is.


One of the reasons I think Lazarus’ personal cloak will be of more use. Popped early enough it should help dissuade the Monster for a moment, but even then, the time it’s on recharge is more than ample for a Monster to bring a Medic down and out.

People need to understand that after the Medic falls, you should SERIOUSLY analyze the situation to see if a retreat is a tactically sound option. Too many people just fight to the last man; no point in that.


Yup. Even 1 strike is a good swing for you in the long run. Do what you can and get out of dodge if needed.


Most groups don’t sense its time to run until its too late.


Ahmen Brother!


I play a very aggressive monster and go for getting down marks at every stage, even if its just one. Because of this my main priorities are on:
1: Any support, or Lazarus
2: Daisy or medics
3: Trappers
4: Assaults
I build up for a quick wipe on stage 3 where I can one-shot the supports/medics/trappers and then go one-on-one with the assault. And I really do focus on Daisy as a high priority because she will save the assault and extend the final fight much longer than I need it to be. Supports are also much higher on that list because of their ability to run with cloak. Then Lazarus, because Lazarus.



But really, if the trapper is insanely good at landing constant harpoons and disrupting my attacks I’m going for them first, medic be damned. Assault is doing major damage and in my face? I’m peeling off to knock them away.

I think tunnel visioning onto one class just because everyone says “Go for medic first” is a bad idea.

I had a lot of success mixing it up. Especially if the medic is a Lazarus, there’s no harm in “Weakening” everyone down to around 20% HP and THEN knocking them down in quick succession.

I would often pick a target, go for them and then when it became clear they just focused on running I’d suddenly turn around and slam a rock into my pursuers who weren’t expecting me to change targets.

More than anything, playing Monster is about your ability to adapt and read the situation. Maybe the assault has his shield up but if landing a good leap smash sends him flying down a canyon and separates him, hey that’s totally worth dealing no damage. You have just bought yourself 20 seconds of massively reduced incoming damage giving you more time to deal out pain to the rest of the hunters.

This doesn’t even begin to cover moments of opportunity when someone positions badly or is near dangerous wildlife.