Monsters talking to hunters when they're evolving!


I think the monster should be able to talk to hunters in the game chat while they’re evolving; mainly for when I’m Behemoth so I can say…

“Do you smell what The Rock is cookin?” :slight_smile:


The only way to do this now is to go into a custom game and allow for open chat between monster and hunters. I fully endorse trying this for added hilarity and fun with friends! The best is when you don’t see the monster/hunters yet you say…I can seeeee yooooouu, mwuahahahaha!


Customizable roar sounds…

Now that I would pay for


What if when Goliath evolved his roar sounded like a loud cat meow!


Has it ever been mentioned for an added feature to pug games that open chat between monster and players be optional? Like if its unanimous vote from all parties or something. Sometimes I think it would be neat to be able to talk to the hunters as the monster when I end up as one :open_mouth: It would an assist for community challenges as well, but for general play I think it would be fun.


This could be exploited all too easily. Just need a few trolls to ruin your game. Plus I really dont want to hear that troll monster that purposely doesnt kill the last hunter because he wants to annoy everyone.


I used to do that all the time on other games. ^.^


Well it would have to be a full 100% vote. I must say… it gets lonely being a murderous Monster 24/7 that has to kill the Hunters only because I think they are trying to kill me but really they are just trying to hit me full of medicine bullets because I’m I’ll… cough


Yes lol It would have to be 100% vote from both hunters and monster I think. Otherwise it could be exploited as someone else said - or just used to troll. Totally bad situations could come up.


Well I’m only proposing that the monster be able to talk while evolving. So at most that’s 20 seconds a match lol. I like to trash talk, but I can’t in Evolve since nobody uses mics :frowning:




A bit like this?


Thats not how this works. Chat has nothing to do with trolling.


In my experience this could lead to tension and aggression, name calling, etc. As they say, it could be ok in custom games with friends, but anywhere else I don’t think it’s such a great idea, sorry.

IMHO when thinking about communication options it’s important to think about the worst thing that the feature is enabling. Evolve games can get very tense. So in theory this would be too good an opportunity to trash talk to the other side, and as we all know, that can get ugly really fast.


So better no communication at all. Epic. Just epic. Might as well play bots.



I’d love to say where I’m evolving, so then the hunters would run to said location :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, at all. That’s not what I’m proposing though I certainly believe that there should be an option to block any and all communication if you see fit.

That way whoever wants to talk trash can do it, and those who for their own reasons don’t want to get into all that can choose not to.

Also, I don’t think that the difference between playing with bots and with other people lies in being able to talk with them.


I’m loving it!


Everytime Behemoth screams while evolving I imagine him singing opera xD

Just try it, you will lol