Monsters talents

Will this type of distribution apply to all monsters by the looks of the game so far? @SlabOMeat



Oh, you can TAG the dev team?

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I’m not sure what you’re asking…if your talking about the monsters skill points: The points system will apply to all the monsters…with each monster’s unique abilities.

So will that mean each monster has 4 abilities, each with three tiers of upgrade? @SlabOMeat

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He was talking about the skill point system if it’s going to be for all the monster classes

Yeah, Goliath has 4 abilities/skills and I was asking if other monsters also have 4 of each?

Ah, yes, the monsters will have the same number of abilities.

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But every monster will have very different, unique sets of abilities :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying that :smiley:

Thank you @JD_2020

Exactly what I was asking! :slight_smile: Thanks @SlabOMeat @JD_2020 That way if people come up with monster ideas they know the way the skills/evolving works. Like earlier I suggested a caterpillar that evolved into a butterfly/moth and could fly. Now that I know how the abilities are designed to work for each creature than I know metamorphosis wouldn’t fit in.

@SlabOMeat can all monsters sneak? And (if yes) does how well they sneak vary? So for example, could monster X be better at sneaking than monster Y?

I was wondering if there was going to be a type of Monster that slithers around like a snake of some sort and how that would sneak. Then it occurred to me that you would probably be able to use the “sneak” button or key the same as any other Monster like the Goliath, for example, to slow down and creep up behind Hunters.

I wonder if one Monster has a temporary camouflage ability?

That’d be cool to see, I imagine it’d have to be able to walk on any surface for it to be useful though

Or it’s only downside is that it can “wear off” in water or players can see the camouflaged Monster soaking wet. I think maybe like it can go a transparent or something, but not entirely invisible if you get me?

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In the Predator 2 movie, the Predators cloaking device could not turn on because the water came from the emergency springs or what they are called. So the camouflaged can be interupted by the rain in Evolve, if their is any monster that has this abillity :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now that sounds like it could work! I’ve never seen the Predator movies unfortunately, which I should because I’ve heard they are great!

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That’s because the predators cloak is electronic, a monster’s cloak would probably be organic in origin. You’d be able to see the monster in rain because the water should still be visible since it isn’t part of the monster

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Has anyone noticed how the hunters can hear Goliath sniffing? I’m watching the interactive trailer now and just before Griffin is pounced on you can hear it. Nice little detail there, Turtle Rock


Nice spot! I can hear that now that you’ve pointed it out, I didn’t before because I was more focused on what was happening but it would be really useful (and scary!) that they can all hear the Monster breathing. :scream: