Monsters: Stop Playing Ranked (LENNOX)


The only assault that is run is Lennox, and I get why. The amount of damage she can consistently do, and the range she can do it from is disgusting… How I’m not seeing more posts about this is beyond me. Please reduce it? Or atleast a much longer time in between shots, and a range decrease?


she s not that OP trust me


Seriously? Lol.


I beg to differ. Her damage is way too high, maybe you’re not using her right? Not the only one that’s posted this. She takes about a whole shield bar per shot…


Smack her every so often, her damage decreases drastically once you start smacking her every so often.

She does do crazy damage but only if she’s ignored.


yeah if you don t interrupt her or move away a little, say what you say about not playing her right but the momoent she misses a shot she loses damage, the mooment she s interuppted she loses damage, and if you wait long enough you can kill her directly once her shields are done, she s not OP


generally attacking the assault is a lost cause until at least the medic or support have been killed, having to stop every attack to hit her is a joke


so by the time you have other characters down, youre at 1/4 health


generally attacking the assault when their shields are up is a lost cause, the only thing dangerous about the assault is the 75% reduced damage, so you bait it out, jump away and wait for it to expire, then after that they re just a normal hunter with more damage


wait for it to expire while the whole team bumrushes you and hits you with all theyve got?


thats how you lose


aie aie aie you re a lost cause i m just gonna stop here you re not worth my time


I mean, if you just sit there maybe, but that’s not what anyone is saying. Lennox does more damage if she is uninterrupted. Just one or two hits is enough to stop her chain.


Lennox will be following you fairly close, just turn every now and again and hit her with your melee. Teams with Blitz Markov and Lennox rely on you either being much more mobile and jumping around obstacles, or actually hitting the assault every now and again.


In many ways, you beat Lennox the same way you beat Parnell - knock him/her da fook back until they have to rely on secondary. With Lennox you don’t even need to knock her back, just need to twack her a bit to stop her chain.


As soon as shes left alone though she goes back to dealing massive amounts, the ratio isnt right.


Which Monster(s) are you playing that you struggle against her with? She is strong against some for sure, but also weak against some.


Considering out of over 75 matches of Stage 2 as monster, having only lost 1, I can easily say that lennox is not over powered. Just keep her in line with whoever you’re attacking. I find hyde is more damgerous, as he has consistent damage as opposed to lennox.,


More or less. Slap lenox so that they pop their shield,immediately traverse a distance away to avoid damage and,if you can, damage the medic/support, and once the shield drops focus the assault into the dirt.


Try playing Lennox some time against monsters that know how to counter her and see if your opinion changes. I’m betting it will. She awesome ONLY if the monster ignores her or forgets to stay mobile.