Monsters should start with 2 bars of armor


they always lose a bit of health If they run into electric birds even nomads,Crow bills and other stuff



Still you can get screwed over this way


No you don’t. What’s so hard about killing the damn things before thy hurt you? You have plenty of countermeasures that allow you to not take damage from wildlife.

They rely on common sense though.


While I agree with the other monster; Wraith is kind of the objection. Her Warp Blast isn’t instantaneous and the few seconds of build up is enough for a Mammoth Bird to give her a nasty jolt. That is all I have to say on the matter.


You can warp blast above mammoth birds outside their radius but inside yours.


also, not to state the obvious, but im gonna state the obvious, sneaking is perfect to avoid getting health damage, sneak pounce the bastards. SHOW THEM YOURE THE ALPHA.


decoy my friend. Youre points have so many loopholes


When a game starts there’s usually some dead bodies you can eat. Try smelling for them before you can move


You can also run armor regen.


Why would I run that instead of feeding speed


depends on the monster youre playing, I main wraith and a lot of wraith players run armor regen but if youre good you dont need it. just find new ways to mitigate damage


use cool down Is it bad on wraith?


It’s a matter of strafing around your target. Wraith is best at it. When dealing with Mammoth birds, use AoE ranged attacks. All monsters have one of some form.

In the case of dealing with them with the Wraith, use warp blast and just sit out of jolt range. I run 2 WB/1 Abduction and damage at S1.

CDR is not bad on the Wraith, but I prefer damage. Get in get one or two downs and then leave.


How about gooliath


Electric birds? cringes


Does damage perk really that good against premades


OG/MG just use FB/RT.

And yes. With proper strategy, I beat pre-mades twice tonight using it in ranked (Silver Destroyers). Terrain is what saved me with their S1 dome(s). It was an S2 win (Wraith), by the end of the match there were 4 skirmishes in total, and I had no armor and about 3 bars of health, I was lucky and picked up Health Regen before they shot me.


How much damage does a warp of 3 so with damage perk


Little over 1/3 of a health bar on a hunter (I think - I don’t pay attention I have more pressing issues than get a read on how much damage it does). Save Supernova until they run out of jetpack.

My S2 build’s 3 WB/1 Abduct/2 SN; decoy’s useless.

It’s not pre-mades (and the team’s a bit noobish - it’s from the hunter prospective):

Go about an hour and 5 minutes in, you’ll see a few skirmishes, pay attention to how I react to them. I use the terrain to my advantage (e.g. there’s only one place to juke for hunters - maybe two).

This one’s 30 minutes in (at least until his game crashed):