Monsters should have hats


Am I the only one who thinks that? The goliath should have a top hat and monocle (respectfully). For tentacle head, I was thinking a wizard hat. I’m not sure about the wraith or behemoth. Maybe during the holidays, they can all wear Santa hats.


They should also wear buckle hats on thanksgiving.

Seriously? No one?


Goliath needs a poncho a sombrero and a mustache


And maracas?




What should the wraith have to wear? I was thinking something like a maid outfit, but I made this topic originally for hat suggestions


Bucket has the top hat/monocle… Find another choice for Goliath!


Cat ears :wink:


Don’t worry :wink:


Or a cork hat instead of a sombrero, maybe.


Behemoth gets a baseball cap.
No even better lip piercings and a Mohawk! and headphones so he can listen to his favorite bands behemoth, and canibal corpse


Behemoth doesn’t have lips, they’d be gum piercings.


More hardcore :wink:


I also can’t imagine a rock listening to heavy metal, or punk, or wherever you’re going at this.


A joke Because those guys got to play as behomoth :wink:


Wraith should have Son Goku hair, so everytime he goes into Supernova he can become super saiyan. He could call his warp blast kameha. Everytime his decoy runs out they hold their clawfeetthingys together and yell “FUSION!!”

Edit: She/Her* of course. damn patriarchy enable my inner shitlord.


Penguin skins for life FTW


All must be Popo
Popo is love
Popo is hate
Popo is life
Popo is Death


Kraken needs a top hat and a monocle. Clearly he is a well-read, gentlemanly chap who spends his time sipping tea and brooding over theological issues.


Quite right, old bean.
As his long lost and 7 times removed great grand pappy would agree with thee!

Tally ho!