Monsters should be buffed


I’m just gonna get to the point. The monsters are hilariously underpowered when it comes to good smart hunters. The hunters can even pick out certain characters to make sure the monster can never get away or stop to eat. Some hunter teams I’ve gone against were so good that you as the monster wouldn’t even be able to move at all to get to the hunters. Combine that with Cabot and Parnell and you might as well quit. Tell me what you guys think


Monsters are being buffed in TU.9

Go through this thread, they’ve got the monster changes scattered about .


I wouldn’t be so sure on that statement.


I think, check out whats coming in the upcoming update first.


I think I was the Parnell that killed you yesterday.

Monsters are not Underpowered.


Oh hell yeah! Let’s make all monster to be on pair with Kraken! What fun that would be!


Learn to play!
Buff the monsters…nice try!


@Laflafgaf I have over 200 matches as monster and stay at a win rate at 88%, so no we dont need any buffs on monster.

Look at the Kraken at the moment,

  • Instant Banshee mines
  • Lightning Strike hit box is big as hell
  • Aftershock is big as well and does tons of damage
  • You can stay in the air and mitgating damage, you still have your snowballs

And dont forget the instant dead combo on the Kraken.

Since Kraken is so OP I only go for Goliath and he is in my eyes the best balanced monster. Matches can be close on both sides. I am in Silver Master/Elite I can only speak for this division.


That would be pretty fun.


I can see it from two perspectives:

  • first, the power varies greatly between monsters; some definitely are UP or have certain serious weakness (Behemoth, for example - but not only him); such monsters definitely would benefit from a buff;
  • second, the question is whether objectively Monsters SHOULD be balanced vs. Hunters or NOT ? For many reasons, mainly because of pressure single person feels against 4 players chasing him, I think that monsters should be given slight ADVANTAGE; and today - as it is - these are hunters who have such advantage;


I killed you?


Nah the game should favored hunters but not by much, because hunter that dosn’t communica in quick play would get shit on all the time. I don’t really like the idea of balancing a game towards lower level, but if no, t less skill hunter will always get shit on this will discourage them. Also it is a lot harder to have 4 people on the same page and be coordinate.


He killed you, with you being whatever Monster you were, and him, Parnell.


I’ll admit I made some mistakes that round, but if you could have seen how hard it was to get away from the hunters with Cabot’s damage amp draining 2 bars of health every 5-7 seconds you would be pretty upset too. Btw I’m a silver elite in hunt


No… We went slim cabot Parnell on you.


Isn’t that months away


Too bad your getting the buffs whether you like it or not by the sounds of it


I think the game should be balanced around the way it should be played. Not balanced around helping newer members keep a 1/1 ratio. Up to level 40 is basic training (grasping the game as whole), and after that comes learning all the nuances of each character and mastering the stuff you’ve learned.


I know and I couldn’t care less since I don’t play monsters, hope this helps @Laflafgaf :wink: (actually I do from a hunter’s perspective though X-D )


Just, FYI. The seperation in my previous post was to seperate the content towards yourself, from that which is on-topic (and so is towards the OP).