Monsters running for armor


I think there should be a final dome green or red for say. That when the monster reaches stage 3 and he is at the relay this dome will fall and it will be a fight to the death this way nomore 3/4 armor runs. Gets pretty old when the monster can k.o someone in 3 kills but they can refill armor as many times as they want at stage 3 during a fight at the relay.


What incentive would the monster have to fight at the relay then?


This would make no sense and is laughably Hunter favored.


The hunters are able to respawn on the dropship, monster should be able to refill armor.

It’s all about the back and forth of battle.


I disagree. Sometimes retreat is the only option. Wait until the monster tries to retreat and then dome him.


Just trap a stage 3 Monster if he had lose his armor


Yeah this is why most hunters hold the dome until armor is gone and grab him just as he starts to run.


it wouldnt work because some relays are more hunter/monster favorable than others and if you havnt noticed, one of the most common things this fanbase likes to complain about is balance work. TRS would never do this due to all the complaining they would get


Ok then how about when a hunter goes down the only time they lose a health bar is if they have to drop from the ship


Like… For the entire game? No strikes EVER unless they die? That’s ridiculously Hunter favored.


No, no. That is a great idea. Just means no more downs instead right? To help balance it out and all. Oh why don’t we also make it that after EVERY SINGLE KILL the monster gets a permanent 10% attack buff too. You know, to balance it out. OH! And the hunters are only allowed to be dropped three times per match! YOU KNOW; TO BALANCE IT OUT!


No if a hunter dies in combat they will drop from ship with the health lose but not to get a loss just for getting knocked down is all I’m saying


Look at the score boards hunter wins 400/120 loses. Look at monsters 150/5 loses . Where’s the balance…


Sounds like a noobie talking.


thats really not a balance issue right there though! are you people really so oblivious to the fact that some monster players cant handle losing so they either: A) dissconnect their wifi box in efforts to avoid getting a death/loss, or B) they unplug their xbox for the same reason. I dont care who you are and how good you are, 150/5 is not likely, WE see ESL Monsters lose all the time, some times 3 games in a row! so saying that this problem is a balance issue is complete BS


In pubs? Yes. Yes it really. Really is.


There is already a counter measure to that. The timer. No monster has infinite chances to armor up. Besides if they can’t get the job done in 3-4 attempts w/o having to re-armor up, chances are they cant get it done at all.


Pops in Thread expecting to read a post about a noob complaining about a Monster Running for Armor at a Relay fight

Was spot on

See the OP using 400wins/120losses for Hunters and 150wins/5losses for Monsters to justify balance and wonders where the hell these numbers came from

Resists urge to not slap the OP

Dear krazzii8,

It has come to my attention that you are indeed a noob to Evolve and that you are in need of serious guidance. First off you need to chace said Monster like normal but with a little bit more thought and less “Follow the Daisy/Footprints!” Then you need to set up at the Relay properly when the Monster hits Stage 3. At this point Monster should be fairly hurt and usually the Relay is Hunter favored. When Monster attacks do the norm to keep others from dying and punish when needed. When Monster goes to flee your Trapper drops the Dome and you proceed to keep attacking.

Of course it’s all easier said than done but that’s how it is for most if not all of us.



P.S. This game is seriously Hunter favored and has been for a long time now. Only recently has it been going towards Monsters but only slightly and almost not even worth noting.

Play the game more before you make further suggestions so as to avoid outrageous suggestions that will be immediately shot down. If you play with randoms you will lose more often than not. If you play with some friends you will start to win more often.

Friends make a difference.

And so does flagging apparently…


Trapper should hold the dome until the monster takes enough damage that they lose most of their armour. If there is a lot of time left in the game, you might rather hold the dome and let the monster run, so that they waste time getting armour. This then will put the pressure back on the monster, as there will be less food and less time. So long as the hunters are skilled and evade too much damage, this works very well.

What about when a monster fights a Val/Sunny team and gets easily outhealed. When the monster tries to kill the Val, Sunny boosts her into orbit. That got old a long time ago. Or how about when a Laz picks someone up through your abilities (like you hit them and they still can rez). Or perhaps having hunters on your tail for the entire match because Sunny.

Monsters have to deal with a lot. This is actually nothing. Relays are very hunter-friendly as it is. Monsters NEED to do multiple armour runs because there’s just no other way.


To throw some gasoline on the fire-

Incorporated from the BEGINNING, and BUILT around, This “concept” COULD have been amusing.

Imagine if at stage 3, the relay goes on “high defense”, and has a MAP SPECIFIC dome that goes around it- So the hunters have NO say in where the dome will be. If maps had been built around this, with a “relay specific final fight” dome, itd be so, SO much easier to “balance” the relay fights. Can bring in some techno babble about how/why this works (as far as why youd have a dome that traps monsters IN the relay, and not out of the relay- Something along the lines of “its SUPPOSED to repel things, but the monsters seem to have been biologically engineered to be capable of capitalizing on this energy field, effective making it work in reverse for their physiology, because patterson tech!”)) , and have “science reasons” that make it impossible for drop ships to come in again after this point (blah blah “for your safety…NOT ALLOWED” blah blah).

This would ensure that if a monster made it to stage 3, with armor, and a lot of health, the hunters WOULD be in for a tough fight, a VERY tough fight. On the flip side, if the hunters are dominating most of the time, and the monster gets to stage 3 with little health remaining, hell be in for a tougher fight.

Ill even go so far as to say i think something “like” this, from the start looking back on it, probably would have helped evolve a lot at launch in regards to the general player base in regards to making the game far less frustrating. Think back on those times when flee to three wraiths were the norm, and how frustrating it was when theyd get to stage 3, and just skirt around the outside of relays areas, sending in decoy after decoy after decoy after decoy, stretching the timer to 15, 20, 24, or 30+ minutes. Back when relays took 5 seconds to deploy, and a wraith could easily be 50 meters away from the trapper at the time they threw the dome, dash towards the trapper as they heard the dome go out, and escape safely out the otherside. I know a LOT of players who THIS single act alone, drove away.