Monsters rage quiting at char select


As I’ve tapped into the higher in levels I’ve noticed a trend. prefer monster players who dont get monster quit almost instantly if there is another prefer monster player. They dont do so until after the game has decided who is monster. Slows matchmaking down a bit.

Question is: Will they eventually be penalized for this behavior?


They’ll get a delay before they can join a new game :slight_smile:


The same thing happens when no one prefers to be Monster. One of them becomes Monster and this player disconnects resulting in 4 humans vs AI bot.

In a case where 5 guys want to be hunters and all have Monster least preferred, can we have 5 Hunters vs AI monster bot? I’m sure the AI monster bot would never complain about the game balance being borked for one match. hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


As of now there is no penalty. Are you saying in the future there will be?


Supposedly it will take longer before they can join a game, in all honesty I’ve had a few DC’s myself (though not once the roles were decided), but I haven’t really noticed a delay in matchmaking.
If anything it should be more punishing.


There used to be delays before Stage 2. I imagine they’ll be back again at some point.


I do this always.
Sorry, but with 25k people online I can’t find a reason to trudge through as a hunter when I want monster.

Back when we were only 200 strong I dealt with it.
Now I won’t.


That’s fine but at some point i want you punished for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand delays for ranked matches, but for the regular matches I don’t think they should be added.
So long as the ranked are still set-up like prior to 2.0, where you pick hunter or monster.

Not getting your favorite hunter class is completely different from getting stuck as hunter if you want monster and vice versa.


The real problem is that the matchmaker won’t find a new player after a player has left.


I personally think for regular matches there’s no need to be punished. Ranked yes! but regular matches would be overkill punishing people for leaving because they aren’t going to have fun in the match


Agreed, only ranked matches that should be punished.

It’s not the players fault to get stuck with either hunters or monsters when they want to be the opposite, it’s actually the matchmaking fault for not using our preferences properly.

I play mostly trapper, and if I get stuck with any other class I don’t complain and try my best to help, but if I get stuck with monster you can bet I’m one of the guys who’ll leave.

I lack the skill to take on players as monster (can barely beat bots sometimes) nor I like to be a monster, the last thing I need is being forced to be a monster when my prefs show I don’t want to.


The playstyle and mindset between monster and hunter is so great I can’t really blame someone for not wanting to blow 10 minutes playing something they hate.


It has always been this way since Release. Its the design by quickmatch that hasnt been touched for a long time.
People need to grind a hard way up to 20 to play ranked and prefered roles.