Monsters Overpowered?

im not sure if its just me, but i have the feeling all the monsters are overpowered, iam playing kraken mainly having 208 victories at the moment and only lost a few times last week because i was playing reckless and stupid (orbital strike while evolving gg lol)

some hunter combinations are extremely easy to beat, even at lvl 1 they pose no threat often i just engage as soon i have full armor (not even need a wildlife buff sometimes) and i think it shouldnt be that easy to win as monster. even premades are no problem, it need a bit of effort to kill them but thats it.

iam also playing hunters with my clan and we are struggling to beat most monsters, maybe we win 1 out of 15 matches but only if the monster plays so bad, playing too passive, doing rookie mistakes…
in my clan we are doing tactical briefings and debriefings, retrospect about the lost games, analyse our mistakes. still our loosing rate is horribly high.

iam doing way lesser effort to win as monster to achieve victory as i do high effort to improve as hunters and still loose against public random monsters almost all the time. this is why iam suspecting the monsters are horribly overpowered :confused:

what do you think guys do you think monster are extremely overpowered? or there are only good monster players and bad hunters?

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4-hunters => 4 brains => more potential to screw up. As a monster, you know you can only rely only on yourself, but while playing in a team a small mistake of one person may lead to the fall of the whole team. This is why I always prefer to play as a monster when I don’t have a group - just too many noobs out there, especially on xbone. So no matter whether I play the monster or the hunter I have to play agains 4 people.
Also, having 208 wins as Kraken places you at least in top 100 players, so it’s safe to assume that you are a dangerous enemy that knows how to behave in any given situation.


I think it’s pretty balanced. Opinions vary.

In all honesty the game is balanced. WHile you seem to be a great monster, truly, you may not have gone against good hunters. As a level 40, I have gone against hunter teams who I am destroyed by, as well as ones that I have actually farmed abilities against. Its partially luck of the draw. Also, its difficult, as @Alexander_Levyy said, for a hunter team to be well coordinated, especially in pubs.


You got to remember that Evolve is kinda hard in pubs.Why?Because the monster just needs to play for himself while the hunters need to play together.
As a guy who have played 5 ESL i can tell you its pretty balanced.Yes there are a couple of players out there who are undefeatable with monster but there are also some hunter teams who just don’t loose.

Stage 1- advantage hunters
Stage 2- should be pretty even
Stage 3- advantage monster

That being said, the biggest flaw I find on pub games is a medic who does a garbage job of healing their team. And if your medic sucks, then its GG monster roflstomp.

Basically as someone pointed out, hunters require teamwork. So they have high potential to fail. But if you get a team thats in sync, and can pressure the monster early, you’re looking at a close game.


top 7 to be accurate (not counting the rigged scores)

but that doesnt explain why me and my clanmates loose so much as hunters, many of them are in the top 100/50, they know what they do. i know exyctly how the monster breaks us but i have no idea how to counter it.

Just so you know Leaderboards = time played

Nothing else.So your hunter team just might not be good.By the way are you on PC?

pc, yes but played time should roughly equal experience in the game. we are making us a lot of thoughts. with 100 hours+ we should have a chance against most monsters.

not saying this game IS unbalance i just have a suspicion, wanted to hear opinions from other veterans :slight_smile:

Dunno what to say man.The strongest monster to beat right now is Kraken but its doable.Also which hunter composition are you running?

Exactly. I just recently went against a synced team of hunters that stomped over me and destroyed my 95% win rate. I quit the lobby after 2 losses, since I did not expect such level of skill. Will try to get a revenge on them this weekend though, since my pride does not allow me to accept the fact that I can be defeated so easily while being in top 100 Kraken players.

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whe tried a lot:
caira, hank, varying trapper, markov the damage was so low we even struggled to scratch the HP
caira, cabot, varying trapper, markov/hyde
lazarus, cabot, varying traper, parnell/hyde with that combo we came closest to a victory, doing a ton of damage.

Well, think of what you would NOT want hunters to do when you play as a monster, and try to apply this strategy with your teammates. I feel like your problem is still the ability to improve on your mistakes, given that you know exactly how the monster beats you

i wish i would run into a good team because i like a good challenge :slight_smile:

I wish I would run into more bad teams!

thats what iam doing,
few weeks ago they could beat me by cabot denying me every meal so i couldnt evolve, had no armor. now i react with pure agression and/or speed with high success.

recently everything hunters do is nothing more than a slight nuisance. they can catch me 2 times at stage 1 it doesnt matters much when i play kraken, when i play goliath thats a different story.

doming me while i have evolved also doesnt matter because stage 2 is enough to end the game. only need to go to stage 3 when one of them escaped the massacre and i cant find him in time.

So you’re saying you can’t find worthy competition to duplicate their hunter practices, at least as Kraken. Interesting. A possible solution I could suggest is asking around some people on this forum, to see whether you can find a pro group that would play a couple of customs with you. Platform might be an issue, but I’m sure there are great hunter teams on all three of them. MaddCow, the monster champ from PAX East, may be a good person to start with (didn’t want to mention him directly since I don’t know him personally, just add @ in front of the tag). I feel like any competitive player would be ok with helping you, given the general open attitude of Evolve community, but, obviously, be polite.

Honestly there is no way to truly know if the game is balanced until a perfect team plays a perfect Monster and I doubt anyone is that good so far. Give it time.

yeah. thats an idea i was thinking about looking for premade teams to fight against. recently people constantly ragequit even more often during the matches, making it even worse. sometimes i burnt throught 8 different players in a single match of 4 minutes :frowning:

Damn I’d join any group and give you a run, if I wasn’t on Xbox that is… But yeah i usually have the same feelings playing as monster online, but when an experienced team of communicating 40’s join in the game, its a lot more exciting. As others have stated just ask around and people will want to challenge themselves.