Monsters OP


seriously, a halfway competent monster can win every single match (i know i have)

doesnt even matter which monster it is, because they’re all ridiculously strong. the more organized the hunters are, the less time the monster gets to hunt and evolve, but because every monster can traverse the map faster than the hunters, it really doesn’t matter.


Yep, a pro monster can win every games, but 4 pro hunters can win every games too. But it’s really hard to be a good player.
If you said Wraith OP, there was true.


There’s a much longer learning curve for hunters, so naturally we can expect more monster wins with so few experienced players.

but because every monster can traverse the map faster than the hunters, it really doesn’t matter.

It’s the trapper’s job to cut off the monster by predicting where the monster is going to be, not just blindly following tracks.


Ever read the art of war?
i’ll paraphrase- it says that if you order your men into a forced march, over a particularly long distance in a particularly short amount of time, the strongest men will be in the front, the weakest men will have fallen behind, and only a tenth of your men will reach the destination. if you order them into a forced march over half the aforementioned distance in the same amount of time, only half your force will arrive.

basically, unless each hunter makes the exact same decisions on how to use fuel, they will ALL reach the monster at different times, unless they take their time and let the monster slip through the cracks of the net. And of course, the monster thrives on these mismatches, and i believe that this is the primary reason for monsters ever winning at stage 2, or even stage 1 if he’s lucky enough.


Well of course it’s faster than you… how else would it escape?

Try cutting him off. Most Monsters can be cut off fairly easily. It’s the sneaky ones that like to double back you gotta watch out for, the ones that AREN’T outrunning you, merely outplaying you O.o


honestly, i do the outplaying, but even if they still catch me in the arena, i dont mind

that watchmen quote comes into mind-


Should be every monster’s motto when domed :smile:


The Dev’s data shows that hunters are winning 52% of hunts so far so I’d have to say you’re wrong haha. The only mode monsters are currently winning at the moment is Nest with a whopping 66% wins.


the only times i’ve seen monsters lose is when they’re obviously brand new to playing monster, or evolve in general

its either die in stage 1 or right after stage 2, or monster steamrolls


like, stats alone doesnt accurately display game health


You’ve probably played a lot of pugs cause a actual team that communicates and know what they’re doing make it close. I feel you though I’m undefeated too as a monster, its easy to think they are OP if you never face the right teams. Im still waiting for a team to actually challenge me, I’ve only had like 2 that have and I win at stage 2 most games.


I feel like goliath is the most well balanced monster right now, which makes perfect sense since he’s had the most tuning. If there’s anything about Goliath I’d want changed it’s that I hate the knockback from his melee attacks. It’s really frustrating attacking something and just knocking it out of range so that harpoons or whatever other annoyance stops you from following up on it.

Kraken is fine as he is, it’s just imperative that you can dome him in an ideal spot. Kraken fights are 100% determined by location IMO. If he has trees to cover him you can count on never killing him, ever. If there is clear visibility and pillars that hunters can climb then you’ve got a pretty good shot.

Wraith is overpowered as hell mainly due to how strong Decoy is. It shouldn’t do nearly as much damage, the invis shouldn’t last as long, and it shouldn’t have such a short cooldown. Other than that, wraith is cool and can become a fun monster when it’s tuned down a bit. Too strong atm though.


no, i’ve had close games, where the hunters did everything right

but it still wasnt enough


i mostly agree, but i think goliath lacks clear weaknesses

kraken deals way too much damage for his gimmick, because up in the air countless hunter weapons cease to function

i think wraith needs to be WAY squishier, make it clear that wraith is about skill and outplaying the enemy- high risk, high reward


Yea all comes down to skill first few months it’ll be a lot of undefeated monsters and hunters til the match making and proper strategy learning kicks in then it’ll be interesting to see who is still standing tall. I still respectfully disagree that monsters are OP though.


Wasn’t that intentional in his design, though? The knockbacks are his strength (via mitigation), but also his weakness (If harpooned/Tranq/Snared)?


The amount of times I’ve heard it come up on the forums though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doesn’t make it any less true though!

Now Goliath has to go up there and deal with more of these pesky apes and probing robots trying to suck the resources dry of yet ANOTHER planet and shooting anything bigger than them… Sigh you have NO idea how much paperwork he has to do every time he cleans an area up!

Grumbles as he grabs a stapler and some folders


Goliath doesn’t have any core weaknesses, but he doesn’t have any core strengths. He’s a well rounded type of monster without any real gimmicks.


If monsters are so OP, why am I winning the majority of my matches as a hunter with randoms and no communication outside pings?

Monsters aren’t OP, the lack of teamwork in most hunter teams is UP.

And really, all it takes to catch a monster is a good trapper. It doesn’t matter if they are faster when you can cut them off.