Monsters on earth sequel


This was originally a dlc put has changed to a sequel. I have an idea for a sequel. The monsters have now destroyed shear and are now moving to their next target… Earth. The hunters have to unite with other planet tamers to take down the monster infestation. Monsters have to destroy every city or living thing that gets in their way while the hunters have to destroy the source of the infestation… Which will also mean killing their leader. There will be more maps which will include caves, forests, desserts and underwater maps. There will be more hunters and monsters to test each other’s skills and abilities. There will also be more modes such as search and destroy, where the mode will be played on a large map and the monster has to destroy 3-4 town/villages which all have power relays as an alpha beast while the hunters have to download a defence mechanism to protect the power relays. Another one will be extinction, which is when the hunters have found the monster leader and are sent to kill it while the alpha monster has to kill the hunters. Both teams are accompanied by ai minions. There will be more modes as well as the classic evacuation modes.
The maps both aid and hinder the hunters and monsters and are all filled with vicious wildlife. There will be more map effects like flooding, droughts, plagues and avalanches.
There will also be more perks, skins, badges and a new ability to visually customise your hunters or monsters like hunter outfits or either changing a monsters body, head or limbs. There will be cinematic videos along the campaign depending on if you either own or lost your game.

So what do you guys think? It’s not in detail because it just popped in my head just then.


Sorry for the edits guys. Forgot to add stuff in.


I can tell you what the devs would say, " sounds expensive!" :smile:


I actually had a similar thought, but I’d imagine it’s less likely as DLC and more as ‘Evolve 2’, since that’s a looooooot of work.

On similar lines, it might be even better for this prospective Evolve 2 to have it as ‘Monsters come to the Hub’ - you’d have the opportunity to use a lot of different environments, not just on Earth but among the colonised Solar System, and potentially also the opportunity to look into just where these Monsters came from, and why they have such a mad-on against human settlements.


Yeah I know, but if evolve becomes a success (which already is) they won’t have to worry about budget or, they can put this dlc into 2 or 3 parts.


By the way the sequel will be called evolve 2: infestation.


I like the idea though it sounds more like a sequel than a dlc


Ok I’ll quickly edit it to a sequel.


Uhhh, hate to say but let’s focus on shear and evolve 1 right now plz. I personally want as of evolve as we can possibly get into one game, with BIG DLC and expansions instead of a sequel. Either way I can’t see it working on earth. What would the monsters eat? Squirrels and bears? Sorry but I just can’t see it. Another planet perhaps, but even that is a stretch (new wildlife and biomes) why not just leave it at this one. Regardless of my opinion, good imagination and idea, I would just have to favor evolve as it will grow to be and not a quick sequel to “displace” it.

Certainly good game mode ideas, would like to see some of those playable😄


Very cool idea, but definitely a sequel more than DLC. I don’t think money would be as much of a problem as the size of their team is. That amount of work to create an entirely new planet, et cetera would probably take as much time as them developing an Evolve 2.

Also, story-wise, considering the Far Arm and therefore Shear is a six month travel out from central Hub, I think many, many other planets would be overrun by the monsters before they reached Earth. Then again, we don’t know how they travel through space and they ARE intelligent…

The game modes sound fun, maybe they’ll be used as inspiration for new DLC modes in the current Evolve. :smile: They’d have to fit with the lore, though. I.E. we don’t know if there’s a “monster leader,” but it has potential!


In would like to see dlc maps branch to other planets.


Since humans have advanced to other planets, they have brought alien wildlife to earth like for zoos and study. And yes if the monsters wanted to, they could eat bears or squirrels.


Same, but that leaves the entire concept of ecosystems and wildlife unsolved for.


It’s a nice idea, but a huge part of Evolve is the exotic, distinctly alien wildlife and ecosystems. It just wouldn’t be the same on Earth. All the same, if you were to make a DLC out of it, I’d be game. But not a full sequel.

Plus this would let the Monster climb buildings and the map can be a huge city and the wildlife can be people hiding from it.


Sounds good! Lot of creativity could go into that. Would prefer that as a sequel though, definitely not dlc :wink:


Heh. Hadn’t thought about what the Monster would eat. ;p

I like the idea of going to the Hub, though, purely because of the fact that the Monsters, or more likely, whatever is behind the monsters, seems to have some kind of anti-human agenda. That’s interesting to me, and I want to see where that ends up…


Another idea for the sequel (I will be adding ideas along the way). Scientists have captured some monsters and are studying their biology. They decided to mash up monsters to create a group of genetic monsters. The hunters have been informed and have been sent to destroy the hybrids but the monsters have broken out. This is basically another hunt mode by the way. Once the hunters have killed a monster, they’re fully revived and it starts again but the monster moves on to another hybrid. The monster player can only choose 3 hybrids to play as.

2nd new idea. Free roam mode: monsters and hunters are in peaceful with each other and they can walk around some gigantic maps which include the drop ship which the hunters can also roam around. People can change class whenever they want to during their free roam time. There can be up to fifty people playing as once. There is another mode where the hunters and monsters have an all out battle with each other, like a cod match and there is a timer. The team with the most kills, wins.


Ok so people are saying that the sequel should be placed in the hub instead of Earth.
Let’s have a vote. You’ll have to like the posts I put down in a minute.


All in favour for my sequel idea to be placed on the Hub?. You’ll have to like.


All in favour for my sequel idea to be placed on Earth? Once again, you’ll have to like.