Monsters & Nest (+ map voting)


I don’t get why you even bother letting the monster to vote or have votes in general for maps. A good team of hunters would pick what mode they’re strongest on - which doesn’t feel right because it also teaches people to only play modes their good at and not learn others.

Literally zero point for voting at all, the monster doesn’t get any choice either and is pretty much forced into a mode that he knows the hunters are stronger at.

Speaking of the Monster having a shit time, Nest is extremely frustrating. I need to get to stage 2 with max armor to stand a chance and any set of hunters with any real wits is already on their 6th egg by the time that happens, and that’s even if food is plentiful.

Hatching eggs is a bad idea because the minion is a freebie if you don’t support it - and you cant support it without being stage 2 with armor.

if I happen to be stage 2 with armor, the 5th egg is almost destroyed and they can ignore/kite/subdue me long enough to destroy it and ignore me completely for the 6th egg because I don’t have any control over it unless I sit on it, which gives the assault and any other dps more uptime on the egg.

tl;dr hunters have choice over maps which doesn’t seem fair and voting system will always tip it in their favor because of majority vote and monsters on nest are having a hard time keeping up with 5\6 eggs being smashed within a minute.

Nest has always been a free win for me as a Hunter because I know no monsters can keep up with how quick my team and I can destroy them. It sucks to win without effort, and to lose without having a chance to do something.


As the monster i always win at nest (so far) i will often pick Goliath for this but when im feeling kraken i do so as well, With hunters the support usually goes bucket because he can take on an egg all on his own, i always pick the feeding rate perk because i need to lvl up fast, and then i get to level 2 get full armor hatch an egg and the mini me leads us to victory. but on the issue of voting usually at least for me we always play all the mode in evacuation not only the one that seem hunters have an advantage over.


Voting just feels more insignificant and detriment rather than a true advantage if not all people who are voting are truly equal, in that regard the Monster is the odd one out in a majority vote so you’ll never beat 4 votes against 1. Hunters wouldn’t really split votes either especially if they’re a team. System doesn’t feel like it should be there is essentially my only real point

As for Nest you missed my point about how any good team will be at your 6th egg by the time you have max armor at stage 2 with food everywhere - I simply can’t beat the one minute or bust teams.

I’ve been in as the Monster and forced as the Hunter so many situations where we’ve won by… things I feel we shouldn’t win by so quickly. visa versa with losing

This wouldn’t be any real concern in the slightest if we had more time than just a minute to do something. If we take longer, the lack of needing to sneak and be stealthy grants the Monster stage 3 extremely quickly. If it’s shorter, than the games over before any action happens. The sweet spot inbetween is probably what people are after when it comes to that gamemode but it rarely happens.