Monsters need more stealth



In my opinion the only way to get a higher evolve state is running away, with not even hitting ctrl once so the hunters can follow you easy, but they are too slow.
So you eat and eat while being chased and have to evolve while being in stealth.

I was playing Evolve since stage 1 and i loved to Outsmart the Hunters.
Now the Hunter will always know where you are, even if you dont leave any footsteps behind.

My Opinions is that the earth sattelite should be nerfed.

Why did the Evolve Team make such a MASSIVE hunt choice?


Because of Flee till 3. Would you like to be a Hunter that runs 18 minutes only to end at the relay and get wiped out by a stage 3 monster?

The satellite scanner gives new people an idea in what direction the monster is. Sneaking is still viable, in fact, it should be done immediately after a scan has been performed.