Monsters need a cold blood style perk / ability

there needs to be a way to counter infravision,
some sort of cold blood perk to make it less accurate,
it feels sometimes as overpowered as wall hacking,
admittedly this was overpowered so everything got amped by buffs,

i just feel like infravision should be countered by cold blood style talent,

infravision needs to be less lazer accurate wall hack imho.

I actually felt sorry for this injured monster hiding.

With infravision there is no jump scare or hiding. there should be some way to nerf it a bit?

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That could work, but only as a bronze and maybe silver perk. I can’t see anyone taking a silver cold blood over anything else, but may see some use as a bronze pick. The other problem would be the notion that a monster perk could completely nullify a hunter perk, rendering it a wasted pick.

But I do like the idea. Maybe it could weaken the planet scanner as well, removing the outline and making the compass slice wider or slightly off.


I like this idea, maybe extended a little further though. I would see it better as the vision perks are linked with planet scanner rather than the hunters gaining heat vision.
A perk, it would need to be gold or silver and with some kind of negative effect.
It would negate or hinder the vision perks and screw with the planet scanner, randomly giving the true position mixed with fake locations, but the real ones would be far more precise.
Maybe? Not sure if it would be Op or a waste

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I don’t think there should be a perk to counter perks, because if you take that perk and Hunters aren’t running Infra… You’re at a disadvantage.

And I thought the Vision perks were crap and no one used them. No?


well there’s this

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Still 100% not worth taking IV over something like afterburners.

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I agree. I still want to try infravision for pillar roaching. Sounds like it could be fun. XD

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You could be a giant douche and go with infravision / double movement speed lol


But the question is : how newbie you gotta be to pick infravison perks as hunter ?

I don’t think it’s very newbie at all to experiment. How you gonna innovate if you just do what everyone else says is best?

No offense but that is exactly what a newbie would say for using infraviaon perks.

I for one would like to see perks that counter Plant Scanner a bit.

Forcing traper to pick infravision to increase range of Planet Scanner or something like that.

It takes around 1m30s to get to stage 2 now with 1-2 feeding perks (depending on map and rng luck), uninterupted just doing PVE.
In reality its more like 2m cuz you need to juke a bit or just run to make distance.

So its 120 - 30 = 90 = 2 planet scanners + 10 s. That’s imo way too much. Especialy when Trapper has wallhack while using scanner and maps are small, there are 1, max 2 vaiable feeding routes.

I would love perk that gives feeding speed + lowers range of trapper planet scanner for a monster.

Ofc same perk for hunters something like movement speed + range of planet scanner.

The problem that i have with planet scanner is:
-its not skill based
-short cd
-has no counters cuz maps are small and have only few roads out from 1 area

I would love to force hunters into more skill based hunt not just press 4 and run there while they see monster thru walls…

That’s just the map. Every yellow buff gives 50m of vision, which I think is more than bronze and silver together. So 5 yellows give 250m, which is pretty much wallhack.