Monsters must have Incredibly Short Lifespans


I mean these things growth rate is so ridiculously absurd.

They go from an infant stage out an egg, with a VERY good understanding of their abilities, evolve with mere MINUTES of having an existence, before heading off and evolving yet again to becoming an apex predator that is stage 3. Do they go and die off in a cave somewhere later, after smashing the hunters to bits?

To give you a relation in to this a blue whale calf can gain as much as 90 kg (200 pounds) every 24 hours, yet still not hit adulthood in the amount of time it takes a Goliath to do it.


Hm, they don’t have to die early just because they are quick to mature.

I suspect they have some sort of genetic memory so they know what to do when they hatch.

Or… perhaps they really are biological robots controlled by people from computers in an alternate universe…


Like the neanderthals in Clan of the Cave bear. They are born with all their parents memories (who were in turn born with all their parents memories ect…). Because what kind of backwards meat sack would be born WITHOUT any memories. That’s a huge disadvantage. How would they even survive if you had to learn everything from scratch every time?


Ah yes, I forgot about genetic memory. Works like that with spiders, no “parent” spiders teach younglings how to spin web.


I dont think they die for quite some time without conflict/blood lose or they may not have a natural lifespan we dont know anything about these monster as they completely unnatural (breathing fire, Summoning lightning, Splitting for body and turning invisible, Throwing up lava)


Don’t you all know?
After they destroy the relay, they go play cards fir the rest of their lives.
It’s kinda like a retirement.


Evolve 2 will probably shed some light on their origins.


I’m still convinced that the eggs are some sort of teleport device. The monsters aren’t born from them, but simply teleported to them. That is why there’s no sign of a monster if the egg is destroyed before it hatches.

So what emerges from the eggs aren’t newborn monsters.

That being said, They must still be young monsters, and the monsters in general must have quite a short life cycle.


there is probably not going to be a evolve 2 as there is no main story mode


Well, other than the characters backstory, you are correct, we don’t know much about the monsters or their reasons to attack human populated worlds.
However, the story can still be expanded upon by new maps and new characters.

Not that I actually would want Evolve 2, unless it is released at least five years(the longer, the better) after Evolve die.

No game survive forever, but lets hope Evolve last for a long time.


But there is lore to be found.


It might have a backstory but like I said no main story


Whos to say that stage three is there final stage of life? They could live forever for all we know and become something even more.


Thats what im said or they could be like a pheonix and be reborn as the hunters dont touch the monster


Requesting a mayfly monster