Monsters Mashing Abilities together


I read that they fixed goliath leap smash and rock throw combo that applied both damages to the target in the last patch. I have not seen it since. But now I am seeing Behemoth doing this with Fissure and Lava Bomb which equates to instant death. I will try to get a video of this later today. Anyone know about this?

It seems like monsters are able to do this pretty easily with their skills.


Kraken likes doing it with melee/mine/vortex/pounce.


Now, are these “monster mashes” bugs? Or are they working as intended?


I think it’s intended to be able to spam them in sequence. It’s annoying as hell though…


spam in sequence is not the situation here. This is like 2 skills at once. You get one animation but both skills cast together. Like Leap smash rock throw issue.


That’s a bug. Not intended.