Monsters literally getting bigger?


I started to notice that as I stage up, I become slower.
It’s gotten to the point where when I was Stage 3 Kraken AND Wraith I felt very sluggish, as if under a constant effect of Val’s tranq gun.
It’s very noticeable in Defend, where you start off as Stage 3, and not Stage 1 where you are still nimble, so you can feel the difference.
Is it something they added in the day-1 patch? Is it supposed to be like, the monster is getting bigger, so it should move slower?
Anyone else noticed that? I’m sure I’m not crazy (they did release me from the institution…).


They get bigger, but devs have said the movement speed remains the same and that it’s an illusion that they’re slower. Supposed to be due to the higher camera angle or some such.


I’m not sure, I played the Alpha and Beta and never had that feeling. I played monster ALL the time. I had gotten to Stage 3 countless times and never felt that.
Maybe it’s a bug.


It’s just how it looks bigger creatures mean slower movements to go the same distance. Additionally your camera is further from the ground.


The actual movement speed is exactly the same across all 3 stages. The reason it looks slower is because a stage 3 monster is larger than a stage 1 monster, thus it can cover more ground per step. Therefore the movement animation is slower as it takes less time to move the same distance.


That’s what I thought, but as I didn’t get that feeling in the alpha and beta I suspected they changed something. Probably just the animation.