Monsters launch killed players across map


In two separate matches with different players this evening, the Krakens I fought launched players upwards of 250m across the map after killing them while they were incapacitated. I’m assuming it’s a glitch because it didn’t happen everytime, and it makes Lazarus insanely unfeasible to use against a Kraken then if your teammates are being scattered to the four corners of the map when killed.


Bump because this happened again today, except against a Wraith this time.


Something similar happened to me yesterday while playing Laz vs a Goliath. Our Maggie got beaten up and somehow slipped under the ground, the symbol for resurrecting her was several 100m below me and her body was nowhere to be found although she got killed in a small, walled area. She got caught again later while wandering around the map alone, and this time the symbol suddenly hopped to another part of the map. I have recorded that match, I think.


Whilst it does suck, I’d rather this stayed in than it becomes ‘static’ death animations like L4D2. It’s mostly corner cases it effects.

And if the corpse goes flying… Less likely the monster will eat it!

As for bugging through the ground… Maybe some kind of teleport field below the ground that puts bodies / characters into the sky to fall down again would help?


Unfortunately this bug made me abandon Lazarus yesterday :confused: I played 2 games with him and in both the bodies of my teammates randomly slipped underground or got teleported away again, and in the end one of my teammates yelled at me for not rezzing anyone… The risk of being useless the entire game is too high for me. Might give it another try today, but my hopes are low.


I experienced the same thing this morning. I was fighting Goliath in both battles, and corpses just kept flying off 150m+ when they died. And it wasn’t in corners either. One was up against a wall, the other was right in the middle of open ground. Makes Laz pretty useless.


I’ve only ever had this happen for random survivors in Rescue but I guess it’s not surprising it can happen to people.