Monsters Just Misunderstood?


So this requires a bit of backstory. Me and a bunch of other hunters were set up in Arena mode to fight the Behemoth. In round one, we fought against a bot and just crushed it. When the second round started, a player jumped in. This guy was, apparently, unimpressed with this, then proceeded to walk over to the hunters to kill himself. After completely stripping its armor and half its health, a thought occurred to me: Maybe they aren’t evil. Maybe they are just misunderstood.

With this though, I relay this to all my teammates over the headset. To my amazement, they stop shooting. We all approached the monster and attempt to communicate. Perhaps this monster is actually peaceful, and we could overcome our murderous desire to kill the other.

Until he threw a punch. Right away, someone said “KILL HIM! KILL HIM BECAUSE HE’S DIFFERENT!!!” Of course, this causes the bullets to fly and cause the horrible, vicious murder of the Behemoth. I feel as though I have been enlightened that day. Are they misunderstood? Perhaps. But now I no longer seek that answer. Now I kill monsters because of what that one random stranger told me over the headset: Because they are different.


I hope you are not one of those people that believe strangers s have candy jn their trunk.


Nah, they aren’t misunderstood.


Maaaaan… I don’t think eating colonists and destroying their living spaces is defined as misunderstood :b


Aren’t the monsters invading and destroying planets? Factor got attacked and destroyed and now they are invading Shear. I’m pretty sure they aren’t misunderstood.


“Why won’t you love me???”


Of course I don’t believe that… unless it’s true (it’s okay, you can tell me).


Pretty sure that misunderstood monsters wouldn’t go around murdering what has already proved to be a sentient species.

I mean, it’s not only being evil, it’s plain dumb. You don’t fuck with humanity if they can shoot back.


Perhaps the monsters can only survive by eating human, but feel guilty or remorseful about it, as I’ve seen from my bout with the behemoth. But again, I no longer have any interest in finding out, as the monsters are different and that’s all I need to know.


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If you think about it, it is very hard to understand something with little to no backstories.


Wait, they don’t!? O_o