Monsters in parties (Arena/Evac)


I can understand not wanting to let party members be monsters in the new Hunt2.0, to avoid cheesing on the leaderboard, but could we at least try letting party members in Arena and/or Evac be monster? It’d be really nice to still be able to play monster in the same lobby as your friend w/o bots, or having to have a 5 person custom :slight_smile:

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Matchmaking suggestion: Deselect roles you won't play

I will just quote myself on that. Thanks for making the topic! :slight_smile:


I think people like @MacMan and @MajorLeeHyper have said that they plan on implementing this feature in Evac and Arena, starting with Arena. However it won’t ever be allowed in ranked.


I have said nothing of the sort… Macman may have mentioned something about it though.


Well I just remember that someone said it somewhere, not sure who or where but I do recall it being said :smile:


I think macman said that they were considering it, and that if it was to be done they’d probably start with Arena and see how it went.


One of the devs mentioned at one point that they were considering the idea. Just wanted to bump the idea, to let them know that people are still interested in the idea :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem like it’d hurt anything anymore. Leaderboards were finally removed, so that’s a plus.


Yeah, it’s coming to everything but Hunt. Should be in the next major title update.


Wuhuuu, thanks! :slight_smile:

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