Monsters in defense


In Defense I feel no need to engage since i will end up with permanent health loss but the hunters do not get marks apon being spawned in from the drop ship. I was just in a game were the hunters camped the rank 3 entrance and would not let me pass since the turrets were able to hold off the minion until the timer ran out. I don’t think they should get it off the start but after rank 2 is destroyed the monster should be able to get back a little health. Idk, i am no developer but I am lvl 34 in game and also was lvl 30 in the beta. I just feel the monsters have a huge disadvantage compared to the hunters. I also know they are not created for balance but shouldn’t they all be?


Friend, obviously you aren’t playing defense right, it’s so unbalanced in the monster’s favor it’s not even funny. Well, at least in Kracken’s favor, that shit is broken. :’(


How? Hunters do not get marks, they only need to kill the monster or hold out, they can camp/hunt down the monster and make him lose health with little to no penalty


They get marks up until they hit the dropship and if they are chasing after you they aren’t stopping the minions that hopefully aren’t getting shredded by the turrets you tried or suceeded to destroy the first time you engaged or attacked the generator


They just camped me and let the turrets at the end shred my minions. They wouldn’t even let me pass through the gate. I tried to brute force my way past but it was to late and I lost all my (kraken) armor and 30% of my health. Parnell-Hank-Laz-Griffen.


They aren’t getting strikes cause of Lazarus but I assume you know that.

You should have just went past them despite the damage and taken out a few of the turrets to give your minions a chance


I did at the end, And ya i know about laz it was just a more general statement that they lose marks after dieing. I just feel it would bring a bit of fairness. Like make it so that you can kill a minion when it spawns in, to regain health. I took out all turrets but it was to late for me to be able to do enough damage to win the match. (i did win the previous 4 and they only saved 777 so its not a big lose just for the future.)


And with Laz they go down quick. Just kill off whoever’s trying to stop you, ignore the rest, kill the turrets, then slaughter the Hunters.


Wraith is pretty tough to win. Goliath with stage 3 Rock throw… Bye bye turrets. Kraken… How do you even lose as kraken in defense?


Woah, just saw the other post where you had said you won the first 4. You had FULL autobalance against you. Thats never a good thing.


I wish there were cumulative effects in the game, I feel like I’m being punished for winning games in evac because they’re getting stronger and I’m only getting a small buff that lasts for 1 map.


I lost by time. I was locked out of the last point, they just walled me off and let my minions pass. they insta melted my armor and i couldn’t get close enough with any armor.


I didn’t even see the part where you won the previous 4. Thats the real issue right there cause they have 4 auto balance ticks at that point and is very hard to compete with that. I dunno the numbers but they are doing a significant amount more damage and I believe have damage reduction so the fact that you got to the 3 generator at all is somethingto be proud of


I got to the third one and took about 90% of its health. I just ran out of time.


You did very well considering the odds were against you. you probably would have won if they hadn’t had all 4 ticks