Monsters in a Party


I’m sure this has been discussed to death, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in the ring.

I think you should be allowed to play as the monster when in a party, non-private match.

For me personally, I have a group of 2-3 TOPS that play together. Not enough for a private match without bots, but if we play together in ranked, none of us get to be the monster. Most of the time, it’s just 2 of us.

We don’t want to have to play solo just to be the monster for a change. None of the 3 of us have been a monster a single time due to it not allowing it in parties, in the Alpha, Big Alpha or the Beta.

I understand the risk of “cheating”, but allow us to report those people and game-on.

I don’t know about most groups of friends, but mine would rather lose a limb than “go easy” on me if I were the monster. If someone if our group asked to “boost” for them, they’d be kicked out of the party. Yes there are d-holes out there that do that for whatever reason, but please don’t punish the masses for the potential actions of a few.

We like to play games together. We have family members and people we’ve been friends with for 20+ years that we game with. We don’t want to be excluded from the option just because we want to team up together.


This is the #1 complaint I have heard in matches with people over the past few days, but the developers are not budging on the issue as of now. Its a shame, because it is going to turn many away from this game and hurt the community.


That, I agree with.
My brother, whom has been feigning for this game more than the rest of this combined, said he’s not so sure now. Said he likes it still, but doesn’t want to be stuck in a 3-person private match just to be able to be the monster.


Agreed, it is also making solo players, who don’t want to be monster play their least favorite role.


Yep, forgot about this one…


Yea the other threads mention this. I’m more like you guys, I have a couple of friends who I play with every night, our schedules work out nicely for that. But that’s mostly it and the replayability of this game for me is in being able to go from hunting to being a monster then back to hunting again, all with my friends.

And, not to sound egotistical or anything but bot hunters are already far too easy to beat for me so having my friends play with bots is really not a good substitute.

I know I wouldn’t mind being with my 2 friends and having another pair in a party join and one of them is a monster. I wouldn’t immediately think that one of them would let the other win. I’m with OP on this one; we’d sooner cut off our own arms then let the other’s win just because we’re “boosting”.


Same for us. We want to be able to mix it up within the same party.

Playing the Beta on PC, we don’t have the option for bots.


Oh I’m on PC as well but when the game releases, unless you have 5 man parties, you will only be able to play monster versus friends in custom matches which, afaik, the empty spots can only be filled by bots. Randoms can’t join custom games.


Right. And we aren’t opposed to bots at all if we can all play.

BUT, and this is a big but. If there isn’t offline ranking, it will be pointless. Means we’ll have to grind out playing solo in ranked lists just to unlock other characters, monsters and skills.
That part will suck.


I think you will be able to unlock stuff and get XP but leaderboards are disabled. Not 100% on that.

Personally, bots are just too easy. Again, not to sound arrogant but I really need PEOPLE to play against and my 2 friends aren’t BAD but they aren’t up to carrying two bots. I already don’t lose many monster games. And games with bots tend to be easier.


That’s the other problem. If one of the 3 of us is the monster, that leaves 2 humans and 2 bots and hoping the bots don’t suck.