Monsters, how has the recent knockback change affected you?


I’m just curious what some of you have noticed after the recent knockback change. Here are a couple things I’ve noticed:

Wraith’s abduct > heavy attack > pounce combo no longer works. Hunters easily evade the pounce.

Behemoth’s tongue grab is broken when used on a moving hunter.

Also not sure because I haven’t played Goliath much but it seemed like people were escaping the leap smash > charge combo quite a bit. Any more?


Having trouble with the abduct-heavy-warp blast in the air against good hunters, since warpblast has such a long animation. They usually just jet forwards or back.

I’m all for removing stunlocks because I dislike games where control is removed from the player. However, if this is going to happen then something needs to be done about the windup for some of monsters’ attacks*. Sorry but this should not become a game where you rely on the hunters to have terrible reflexes.

*If this is done, reducing cone of fire should be looked into as well. We don’t need monster attacks with giant AoE and no windup, obviously.


Only had about 3 games with Wraith after the patch but the hard cap on knockback velocity certainly hurts my playstyle of her alot. It’s getting a whole lot harder to properly scatter the team and isolate someone with a well placed Warp Blast. Gonna have to see how this actually affects playing against premades, but it’s probably really bad. I for one was happy to have found a playstyle to my liking that was fast paced and impactful with one or two proprly placed Warp Blasts… so not want to change that style tbh…


I’ve made several monster games yesterday and I won only with Kraken

my Behemoth and Goliath matches made me sad, especially because of the knockbacknerf

I feel much more under pressure now because hunters are back to pressure me so damn quickly

seeing hunters jetpacking away while getting tongued or vortexed is just cheesy

the knockback nerf is an easy cheesy escape-tool and combos-deny-tool, although hunters have been already on the lower side of stress

why making an easy hunters life more easier and a stressful monsters life more stressful ?
is this TRSs way of encouraging monster players ?

and to be honest: as a monster u are naturally 10 times more under pressure und stress than hunters, now it has become even more horrible.

this patch was completely in the wrong direction, completely


i guess they just wanted to make something against the too high win rates of monster at level 40, kraken had about 70%. so give it some time…


As a Kraken player, I noticed now I have a harder time killing hunters, I even lose games against the AI now. It’s hard to explain but it feels a whole lot difference. And I’m sad that Tongue Grab has been broken, it was a great ability and it worked exactly as it should. Can’t dodge it? You’re stunned and flying towards the behemoth, period. Now I don’t know what’s the point.

I think this was a very one sided change and it should be reverted. The developers should find another way to achieve what they’re going for here.


I wouldn’t know personally, but I heard it was awful. Vortex and Tongue Grab have become essentially useless


Stopping people from Sunny jet pack boosting is, as you would expect, much harder now. And trying to hit hunters (as Goliath) is in general even more like trying to swat flies with your bare hands.

Last night I actually ragequit out of a game I was winning, after a 4 win streak. Not even the satisfaction of beating hunters to death can make up for how generally shitty the game feels these days.

On the bright side, I did play games other than Evolve for the first time in nearly two weeks. If they keep going in this direction, my love/hate for this game will finally settle on hate and I can get on with my life.


I have stopped playing evolve for now until they can figure out a way to actually balance this all out. This is because last night I had a 10 game lose streak, all against different pubs. I am sorry, but this patch was a huge slap right to every monster’s face. I Don’t feel like I am the final boss, more like I am a glorified junk mob.

To rant a bit, why did you nerf knockback? For crying out loud, if you wanted to nerd kraken, just need fly time and not the knockback. Monsters need that knockback, it’s an important engage and disengage mechanic. Now it feels like we are just walking into a slaughter house ,even at stage 2 with full armor , against high play level players. Just please revert this, ok?


I think I’m done with this game for a while

I love the concept, I love being a monster, but hell, this has become so damn frustrating for “average” players like me

  • no ranked matchmaking
  • brutal hunter teams once u reach level 35+ (a lot goodlike combos)
  • a knockback nerf, no one demanded for
  • no CC for monsters anymore
  • 1.000.000 things that can annoy a monster while hunters are wrapped more and more in cotton wool
  • this stress on monsters side…THIS STRESS…

I really WANT to love it, but I cant, its just frustration

u must really be a monster hardcore enthusiast or a very skilly player to have fun in these high level spheres


Vortex too? I mean, it can’t combo but it can hit all the same, I wouldn’t call that worthless since it still damages as before.


I agree with all this, especially with the thing about fighting hunters above level 35, the game becomes really hard for the monster, and the latest nerfs don’t help…


Note thoses numbers are from tourneys. And that was during the time he has the movement bug.

Using kraken(broken) as an example is a poor concept. A longnthe lines of “Caira heals more than other medic, lets buff monster damage.”

Yeah you can’t use them to set up LS anymore, any premade team can dance around your lightning.
And you can’t use tongue grab anymore because hunters will just jetpack away as they are getting pull ed in.

When you do will you play MOBA games with me?



Having played again today, I realise that I am probably also mostly done with this game until this change is reverted. Just had a game where I got two strikes at stage one, ran off and evolved at half health, and fought the instant the evolve was finished, killing them all.

Ez game right, but no fun was had this day. I had no control in the fight, the hunters were just dumb enough to group up and eat leap smashes and rock throws to the face. Without the ability to tumble them, you are basically just chasing them around firing abilities at them, rather than actually making plays.

I was suprised yesterday to find that I stopped playing after only three games as monster. Today it’s two.


Best to stay away until they add something to the monster to counter act with the hunters new found power.

I really felt like this was the change that nobody expected that Chris teased about, because no one thought it was really an issue to begin with.


When did this change occur? I’m new to the game but have similar feelings as you. Been playi9ng about two weeks and felt I was getting good as a monster, about 2-1 with Kraken, then after a few days off I just did terrible. The Hunters seem so much better and I went on a similar 10 game losing streak where it seemed as if I couldn’t damage the hunters enough. I was also playing lots of Level 40s which seem to do insane damage against nub monsters.

Not that I’m great at the game or anything, but I’m really good at other shooters so have the potential to be good. It just seems really balanced in the Hunters favour right now. It seems when I’m on the hunter side we only lose if really big mistakes happen.


Its just a lot harder to stay on hunters, and any form of displacement (Charge, Tongue, Vortex, Warp Blast) is very very lacking right now.

Also, hunters that struggled under knockback (Slim for the most part) are now stronger than ever since theres practically no interrupt.

Overall, it just made the game harder for monsters than it already is, and I gotta say I’m not diggin it :confused:


A lot of the combos that used to work don’t now. So defensive hunters are really killing monsters like goliath now. Hank can shield a rock and then the shielded hunter can dodge the leap smash.


Man you know, its hard to say because so much of each round is circumstantial. I’ll keep my feedback related to organized hunters since the easy wins don’t really mean anything:

Wraith - I can still juggle hunters a bit, but gone are the days of warp blasting a group in different directions. This really stinks because ‘Divide and Conquer’ was a really fun strategy for the Wraith. Honestly I don’t know how to win with Wraith anymore beyond getting lucky with creature interaction or buffs.

Kraken - I don’t think I hit more than 3 lightning strikes in the 6 Kraken games I’ve played since the patch. It is sooo easy to dodge. Vortex into LS no longer works, so I have yet to find another setup that will allow me to land the big hits. I feel like the devs want me to stop using LS and go for Aftershock (which IMO is in complete contrast to the ranged feel of the Kraken).

Goliath - I always choose Charge and until recently it was a really good low damage utility. Nothing was better than timing a charge just right so that you could tumble a hunter into an isolated area. Now hunters can immediately jetpack away and the ability feels useless.

Stress - Others have touched on this, and I think it merits a larger discussion related to balance. There is inherent stress to being the ONE vs EVERYONE. Its always stressful to play the monster. I love this game, but lately it has been getting worse. I feel like the only way a Monster wins is if the Hunters screw up or have a bad player. There are too many hunter combos that straight up negate Monster abilities.

Bottom Line - Knockback was fine! So what if a monster stun locks a SINGLE hunter, there are THREE more to punish him for that commitment.


This warrents its own thread. Very good point.