Monsters, how do you handle stress and pressure ... or is it just me?


Every time I get back to this game I am so enthusiastic about it and it sucks me in so much!
…and every time after a couple of weeks or days I start feeling so much stress and physical strain playing it!

I mean no problem for hunter play. But this is no special fun either (for me). Monster play, this is what I love in Evolve. And hate. I think I do not know any other game which brings comparable amount of stress and physical energy drain. Seriously. This is how I feel it.

And wonder is it just me or is this how many monster players feel ? I mean I am not asking top-of-the-ladder or pro players who kill poor hunters. But - say - Bronze Elite/Destroyer levels. Do you also experience this kind of feelings ?

I must say this is so intense in my case, that having to spend much time in the work and treating games as recreation home (damn! recreation!!! this is another hard work lol!) I have problems standing this. So… do you have some great ways of handling this pressure ? what do you do ? play other games ? make breaks ? or is it just me ? :slightly_smiling:

For now - deinstalled Evolve (!) need rest and peace :confused:


I still get the shakes after a close match and my hands ache from deathgripping the controller.

I try to take a break every few matches and get up to move around. Just to dispell some nervous energy.

Edit: I should note that I love being the Monster, I just tend to get really really into the match.


I think it’s so so so much easier to play hunter than monster. A lot of the time, I’ll play with my team against some really good monsters, and not even full much pressure. Then I play monster, and oh wow, it’s just not fun. Over time it just became less fun and more stressful. Especially with a few of the changes, such as harpoon aiming, stasis nade range buff, 1 second domes, etc etc. Right now I’m just playing hunter mostly, until TU9, when I’ll decide if I continue playing monster.


Yo, Im silver skilled wraith main. This is how I handle the stress.

I dont handle stress at all. in fact, my blood pressure rises a lot higher than it should to the point of a near heart attack, but I LOVE it… no i don’t i haven’t played monster in a while. However, in all seriousness, the way i did it was just giving it my all, trying to think of ways to defeat them and if I cant then I cant. But the above with the BP and the Heart attack was serious. I take playing as a monster way to seriously


I get a heart attack pretty much every time I play against hunters that are above silver expert level. It’s one of those things where you know that you’re at a massive disadvantage, so you know you can’t make any mistakes. Naturally it’s still just a video game… But I play to win. If I didn’t wanna win anything, I’d sit down and play a simulator instead.

As for how to handle the stress… Uh… Is there even such a thing as handling stress?


I usually tend to curse excessively deadpool style while playing helps me become calm after the match.


From the beginning of a match untill the end yes, I’m under alot of pressure and unless I get lucky and gain a good advantage at the start of a game, my hearts racing and I start sweating bricks. idk if anyone is aware but even tho the monsters aren’t anywhere near extinction, monsters lives matter. So as a monster I try to die as little as possible lol. But on a serious note, close games as a hunter or playing as monster get me worked up more than anything I could experience in real life for damn sure.


In games against gold skilled + I find myself complaining about glitches that change the game-Because they make a big difference-More than enjoying them dodging and actually being good players.

That is very stressful.

Just yesterday I got stuck on a tree as the Behemoth… I died of course.


Yeah behemoth gets stuck on everything sadly.


Just got out of the dome stage 1 with 2 bars left, went to role around a tree> stuck> FUCK

Melted my health…


The only advice I can give you try not to take the game personally and calm the heck the down, it’s just a game. And it’s ok to take a lose it’s not the end of the world use it to learn. I don’t know if it’s losing that makes you stressed but chances are it might be.


Yeah and micro ledges that shouldn’t stop you or almost any wildlife. Behemoth pinball is the best.


The game is basically this, a close game for hunters is fun. A close game for monsters is WAYYY too stressful. I know they’re making changes for fun on both sides but by how the game normally is, I don’t think fun can really be made for monsters without it being an absolute steamroll


Monster, to me, is a lot like driving a car for the first time. There’s a lot take in, watch out for, and lots of pressure, but the most important thing about Monster is trying to be precognitive! When you think about a team - who will be the biggest problem? It’s usually Support. Sometimes it’s Medic. Eventually you learn to do things automatically and it all comes down to that precognition.

I won’t lie, I get a little nervous too, but I embrace that feeling. Usually I talk to myself and narrate the game - it helps me adapt on the fly, keep my thoughts on the match and how to juke.


Me I use to play behemoth as all other good behemoth players wood, it did have a lot of pressure until I changed my strategy to just sit in a cave and never leave, can’t kill something that you don’t want to fight in its area.

After that I had a lot less pressure.


Thank you, guys. Somehow it helps. I suspect by weekend time there is again Evolve on my PC. I will try to curse in-game :wink: inhale deeply and make breaks.

Also, I had a thought - easy in concept - but probably hard to implement. What if we got new monster, I mean totally new monster, designed by default as OP ? I mean what if we got REAL MONSTER !!!?
One that is feared by hunters. When they have to watch for every small mistake …as monsters do today. What then ? Would it broke entire game ? or many hunters would see it as great challenge they want to try ? … should playing it be limited somehow ? quickplay only ? awarded for … err… couple of wins with other monsters ?

So far, we get more and more deadly hunters, each one more innovative in ways of breaking the rules. And monsters ? … :worried:


Monsters already tear up hunter teams that make one little mistake, you just have to pay attention to when it happens


I suspect @niaccurshi you say it from the perspective of much-above-average skill level monster player.

For me - Bronze casual - running away and barely catching breath not to get caught stage 1 is far from “tear up hunter teams that make one little mistake”.


It’s not really pressure for me. I just think of how awesome the adrenaline rush I get is. Like, everytime that I log into evolve and see the intro, my body is like “Hey, you’re the top predator and you get to kill things to be awesome. Have an adrenaline rush.” That is what happens to me everytime, and quite honestly, it can get annoying at times, but try to think of how awesome a top predator you are and that is what gets you out of most stress


But hunters can tear up a monster that doesn’t make mistakes. Monsters need hunters to make mistakes to make any progress. Hunters don’t need the monster to make mistakes to make progress. The monster can play doing everything right and still get taken down. Monster makes one mistake, it’s a heavy mistake that may mean he can’t engage anymore until after evolving. That can be a long struggle to try and not get domed again, whilst also feeding for energy, and then trying to get out of the evolve dome without much damage.

It’s far too easy on hunters.

Just look at how people complain about Kraken. Even when he’s the most balanced, people cry about him. If they made a monster to be OP by design, imagine the hate then. I wouldn’t mind so much cuz Kraken wouldn’t get so much heat then, but ofc it’s not good for the game.