Monsters for pets


I know this is random, but if you could have one of the monsters as a pet or one of the hunters as a friend, who would it be?


Gorgon, because it could make more pets for me.


Meteor Goliath.

Best. Night Light. EVER!


Kraken by far. I could fly him around, and BOI would his abilities make it so people won’t fuck with me.


Goliath, hey he’d be like my very own fire breathing dog.


then you realize you house burned down


I would say elder kraken because he is just faboulous


Goliath for sure, he would hold out his hand and I will climb on to it, then we will travel the world. Chuckin rocks!!! And takin names



I’ll fire proof the house.

And he’ll sneak if he’s near anything that’s inflammable.


Waits for someone to come up with a weird reason to have Wraith as a pet

I would so have Lazarus as a friend. He’s a bit odd and would make interesting conversations. As an added bonus I could give no craps and skydive and he’d just revive me. Dunno if he can revive stains on the concrete but hey you can worry less about death!


Gorgon but with this appearance so I can make her produce more pet for me~


I would like to own a elder kraken…i just love him.


I would totally dig a tiny, adorable Behemoth that I can just take with me when curled up, pull out of my pocket at work or something and unroll him to pet his stomach.

Yeah. I thought it through. So what? That’s not weird.


Wraith, because those hips don’t lie. Also, I can’t think of any negative things about having Wraith as a pet.

Wait, what if she’s clingy and keeps abducting me so I’ll never escape…


I have a question, do we count Kala as a monster too? 0,.0


Gorgon, obviously. The best looking one of the bunch


I think Bob. I’d name him Otto and he’d be my main mode of transportation.

“Otto-Bob, roll out!”


Depends on how one views her but we are talking about both Hunters and Monsters so either way works.


Step 1: have a friend play monster.

Step 2: pick griffin

Step 3: harpoon and hold monster.

Congratulations. You now have your own pet monster on a leash. Play with it. Feed it. Take it for walks. Clean up after it.


#####Wraith just wants to hug!! :sweat: