Monsters fall through graphic


i played a few games with a friend in multiplayer custom and it happened multiple times that the monster fell through the graphic ground. saw it so im sure. wanted to tell you to fix. thx


Are you on Ps4?
There’s a known bug that makes crazy black walls here and there. Happens no matter the class you play. If its not… then its probably some physics bugs and I haven’t encountered any yet. Maybe uploading a screenshot of where you were would help. Or videos are always the best!!


im on pc and it happens very quick so taking a picture will be almost imposible.
it happened three times in 4 or 5 custom matches. thats really annoying.
edit: just played another custom match with a friend and it happened again.
we had daisy in our team and she doesnt walk if the monster is in the graphic stucked.
pls fix plsss


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