Monsters dont turn around to hit harpoon


If harpooned from the back, a monster has a really hard time breaking it. It takes anywhere from 3-4 swings to actually break it even if looking directly behind you. Most the time you will be looking backwards and the monster will attack infront of it making the process even more tedious and frustrating. Is this being looked at?

Why does it take 3 melee's to kill WLM Harpoon?

I can’t remember ever having this problem. I’m going to need to test it.

Does it matter which harpoon type? I’m assuming it’s all of them, but just in case.


Can you get video of this? It would help a lot. I haven’t had this problem, so I don’t fully understand. It could also be a ping issue.


Glad to know that it isnt just me this is happening to


I have noticed that it is significantly harder to destroy harpoons now than before. WL Maggie’s popularity also compounds it.


This isn’t a bug, it was a change a long time ago, perhaps when deployables were changed from 5 to 3 I believe. Monsters no longer auto-attack harpoons directly behind them. This change was made for two reasons:

  • Makes harpoons more effective.

  • Makes Monster targeting less frustrating by allowing the Monster to continue to attack their current target without having to get stuck in a second or two animation when it would be faster to do a quick 360 degree turn and break the harpoon on the rebound.

I shall leave it to the leaders/mod’s discretion of closing the thread or not given that this is not a bug but instead an intended change that was made in the past.

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No no, he’s not saying he expects the Monster to fully turn around automatically with 1 swing like it was before.

He’s saying that even when he turns around and aims straight for the harpoon cable, it will still not break with 1 melee hit.

Easiest way to reproduce is by playing a Monster like Goliath or Gorgon and getting snagged mid-air. If you try to break it while still falling to the ground there’s a 90% chance that the Monster will just do a simple mid-air heavy attack in front of him instead of breaking the cable.


My problem with the harpoon, is Griffins. Alot of the time when I am fighting a player controlled monster, it breaks immediately when it hits the monster. The reason I specify a ‘player controlled monster’, is because when I fight a computer controlled monster, it doesn’t happen. If it does, it’s not so often that I notice it…


I’ve seen this a lot as well.

At first I thought it must’ve been some miniscule DoT, fire, acid on the ground or whatever but it just breaks randomly for no reason a lot of the time now.

Really infuriating when you picked Griffin solely for his strength in a chase comp but then this bug happens once and you pretty much lost your chance of staying on the Monster’s tail.


If you get harpooned on top of an incapped player the monster will keep attacking the incapped player instead of the harpoon. It can be really frustrating. There are several scenarios where it is difficult to break a harpoon because of melee auto targeting.


It’s really noticeable with wraith. Out of all monsters she struggles the most with turning around and hitting the harpoons.


It’s extremely frustrating when I play as Goliath and it takes multiple melees to break harpoons. This seems to happen even when I’m facing the harpoon.


It seems that it goes both ways.
If i play as griffing, then very often the harpoons hits the monster , but does nothning( detatches instantly ) .
If i play as monster, then quite often i need to turn around and hit the cable exactly, 3-4 times, to break it. I think it might have something to do with game lag, or ping.