Monsters: directional climbing

Hey there. Normally I’m not one to put up a “Suggestions” thread as I prefer to just keep quiet and then complain when an update goes live.
Everyone here probably already knows me as the giant pessimist that I am.

But here we go:

What if Monsters could climb in more directions?
Like maybe instead of straight up, they’ll have the ability to climb at a 45% angle up at most.
It’d be very simple to control, like just hold the usual climb button and aim the mouse a little bit so that the Monster will smoothly climb in the new direction.


This would help Monsters so much against kiting Hunters.
And that’s a very easy thing to say since anyone saying kiting Hunters aren’t much of a problem are easily countered by the statement “You just haven’t fought well kiting Hunters yet.”

But in this case I think that’s actually a valid counter.
Hunters who know how to kite well around objects are nearly impossible to deal with.
For Goliath and Behemoth in particular. Their traversal is slow and clumsy and can’t be relied on when it comes to quick and sharp turns.

So I suggest this. Opinions? Would it not make a difference or would it make them OP beyond belief?


very cool idea, hopefully this gets added I just want it cuz of how cool it’s gonna look, like a real monster that sneaks up on its prey :smiley:

It’ll also help with navigation.

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Probably not gonna happen


Dang, that’s… a bummer.

I don’t see his reasoning behind it at all but I suppose there’s no further point.
Thanks for the info.

hmm… 5th monster maybe?


5th Monster ability confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:


Danny you ninjas!