Monsters camping spawns level one


In a 4 out 6 matches I’ve been camped by the monster at the start of the match and there is nothing the hunters can do. So far its been done with broken Kraken and meteor Goliath. If this becomes a trend the game will die again, the monsters are way too overpowered with armor and armor regen. Please lower the max armor across all stages and Monsters


You’re getting killed at spawn by a stage one? Sounds like bad players. Not trying to insult you, but no decent Hunter team would die by a stage one Monster.


I half agree. I should have had specified better. The hunters are grouped making it easy to hit with abilities. Half of the health is gone before we can move. The hunters should be immune to damage for the first 5 secs after initial drop ship. its hard to come back in a fight if you start with half health.


I saw this once before in the old evolve, it’s difficult fighting when you’re not expecting it right off the bat. However with more experience and a good team, it’s easy to fight back


Lol, you I would do the same with new guys, just to reduce the time it takes to end the round