Monsters by what maps they are good on


So, having been away from this game for far too long, I’ve realized I should probably verse myself in the ways of the game all over again; even if the game’s about to be turned on its head with TU9. To this end, I’d kind of like to know which monsters are best for which maps; I remember a few things, but I can’t really say I learned it all to begin with.

I’d be grateful if you’d help this sad excuse for a monster main out. Dank you for your time.


Fighting is relative to where you pick to fight and the monster you’re using, but from my experience…

Broken HIll Foundry
Great: Wraith, Behemoth
Good: Elder Kraken, Goliath
Okay: Gorgon
Bad: Kraken

Broken Hill Mine
Great: Wraith, Behemoth
Good: Gorgon, Elder Kraken
Okay: Goliath
Bad: Kraken

Great: Kraken, Goliath
Good: Gorgon, Elder Kraken
Okay: Wraith, Behemoth
Bad: -

Fusion Plant
Great: Goliath, Elder Kraken
Good: Behemoth, Wraith
Okay: Kraken
Bad: Gorgon

Great: Kraken, Wraith
Good: Goliath
Okay: Gorgon, Behemoth, Elder Kraken
Bad: -

Orbital Drill
Great: Wraith, Kraken, Gorgon
Good: Behemoth, Elder Kraken, Goliath
Okay: -
Bad: -

Refueling Tower
Great: Behemoth, Gorgon, Elder Kraken
Good: Goliath
Okay: Kraken, Wraith
Bad: -

Rendering Plant (I hate you)
Great: Kraken, Gorgon
Good: Wraith
Okay: Goliath, Behemoth, Elder Kraken
Bad: -

The Dam
Great: Behemoth, Gorgon
Good: Wraith, Goliath
Okay: Kraken, Elder Kraken
Bad: -

Weather Control
Great: Goliath, Behemoth
Good: Kraken, Wraith
Okay: Gorgon, Elder Kraken
Bad: -

Wraith Trap
Great: Kraken, Wraith
Good: Goliath
Okay: Gorgon
Bad: Behemoth

Great: Behemoth, Gorgon
Good: Goliath, Wraith, Elder Kraken
Okay: Kraken
Bad: -

Great: Behemoth, Gorgon, Wraith
Good: Elder Kraken, Goliath, Kraken
Okay: -
Bad: -

Great: Goliath, Behemoth
Good: Gorgon Elder Kraken
Okay: Kraken
Bad: Wraith


Well that’s that answer fast


But does everyone agree with that list?
Im not a monster main but i find this information very useful.


It’s just my experiences off the top of my head, the list is obviously based off of my opinion. That said, the environments really dictate how I play. Wraith Trap has large expanses of space and not many huge LoS breakers depending on where you fight. Hence why I suggest playing Kraken on it. Rendering plant, same deal, even more so because of the cliffs since that equates less jetpack to dodge with, despite my hatred of the map.

Aviary, can also be played well with most monsters because of the cramped spaces, etc.

What it really comes down to is your play style, I need a lot of room to play Wraith, but I don’t need as much room as I would as playing Goliath or Kraken. Keep in mind that I rarely play Squidface and Goliath. The other three I play pretty often.

@deanimate since you’re our resident Goliath expert, what environments would you suggest fighting in?

Another thing to consider is how does the monster move about in the environment?

An example is that the Goliath can now climb faster than any other monster as a passive. I enjoy playing him on Barracks because of how he moves, similarly, I don’t like playing the Wraith on that map because there’s just too many spaces that limit my movement. Kraken requires a large LoS. Wraith Trap has that, as does Aviary. I’ll list what I’ve experienced here. This assumes you ambush the hunters past S2.

Goliath: With the way I play, he requires a lot of room in front of his target in order to cut them off, hence why I say Barracks is a good choice.
Kraken: Bob and weave in and out of close and long range with Aftershock, the clear environments are a no-brainer because of his distance requirements.
Elder Kraken: Just charge the hunters.
Wraith: As Goliath, but requires more outward room, you can’t use narrow corridors.
Behemoth: Charge the hunters.
Gorgon: As Goliath.


In a cramped up space, the Goliaths and Behemoth are great.


That’s a little suggestive you really don’t want to get cought evolving in a small cramped space or with full armor and half health I use to have a video of exactly what I mean but u guess I forgot to save it in my clips :frowning:

Basically we cought a behemoth in a cave evolving to stage 2 and ended the game in that same cave via rouge val, wlm, cabot, parnell.


Yeah, don’t be caught evolving a cramped space. But at S3, you have a big advantage. Escpecially if you are an FT3 Bob. The Hunters might as well just leave the game.


Bob does struggle with ft3 concept with cabot on point with dust tags but yeah don’t go into that cave if you have 0 health damage on a s3 bob and if you are bob go right into that cave if the Hunters follow that’s a fuck up.


amazing, only you forgot about meaty lol


Meaty is effectively the same as Gojira. He’s not quite different enough to be good for different things, unlike Cyclopsthulhu is significantly different from Cthulhu.


^ what he said.

Functionally, MG & OG are the same. I felt no need to list MG for that reason.


Orbital Drill, Foundry and Mine are, imo, the worst maps for Goliath. He needs uninterrupted free space for his traversals and these 3 maps simply don’t offer enough.