Monsters blowing up entire squad the second you land from drop ship


Says it all really. Three games in a row my team was destroyed the second their feet touched the ground. I know it was the Kracken monster but I have no idea what the skill is that they are using since I don’t play Monster at all.
The second the team hits the ground from the drop ship, they use an AOE skill which takes all members from 100% health to about 10% health. It’s impossible to win.
Maybe you should give hunters a 5 second Invulnerability when they drop from the ship or this will just be abused.
The last guy who did this to us had a 29 game win streak.
Please look into this issue, It’s spoiling the game.


What Hunter comp was your team using? He might just be taking advantage of pubs and their lack of putting together a decent comp.

Also what Kraken was it? Kelder has a bad track record of doing this.

@Developers should take a look at this to see if they can tone down the Krakens and keep them from doing this pubstomping.


Val, Hyde, Bucket and Abe


There is the problem. Val only works good with defensive comps among more skilled monsters.

Since you had Bucket, his MR wasn’t enough to help Val with much healing.

He simply took advantage of your team because of this weak synergy. But I de agree that it is a problem.


It’s not going to matter what hunters you take. It’s the second you land on the ground from the start of the round. The skill is charged up before you even touch the ground. There in no chance to avoid or damage soak it with shields etc etc.


I suggest that the ship should have short range guns to discourage this, I feel like its against the spirit of the game.


People like that just want to ruin your fun. They’re jerks and a I’m sorry you had to deal with them.

I believe TRS is working on a solution to this issue though.


An army of EMET drones? I hope it’s an army.



That idea sounds good, the weaponized drop ship.
It could hover in place for about 30 secs defending the drop area with it’s turrets, or as has been said give hunters 5 secs of invulnerability, that should be enough