Monsters as Hunters [still a HUGE WIP]


So a little disclaimer, I am, by no means necessary, a professional artist of any kind. This is my first drawing project in a long time and I’m such a huge fan of Evolve so I wanted to do something a little fun and creative.

I saw a thread a while back about which monster would fit into which hunter class, and since then I’ve always thought about what the monsters would look like as human hunters. I originally planned to draw them in tier order, but I was most eager to draw Wraith so she’s up first. I don’t know if I’ll finish this project, and right now (as you can see from the photos) it’s still very much a work in progress. If you have any feedback, criticism, suggestions or requests then I’d love to hear them. :bucket_salute:

(apologies for the shitty quality, when I’m finished I’ll take better photos)

Okay this is pretty much the start of my hunter version of the Wraith, who is going to be part of the Support class. Luckily her body armour, especially on her chest, isn’t too difficult to adapt to clothing. I’m not sure what to put on her feet, initially I was thinking leaving her barefoot and giving her an anklet or something, but then I realised that running around Shear without shoes probably isn’t the wisest choice (one step in Mammoth bird poop and it’s game over for her).


: D Lovin that look. Great job.


Can we have Bob as an obese Hank? Just an idea.


This is lloking really good!

keep it up, can’t wait to see the end result. :smiley:


Looking forward to what these look like when they’re finished. High heels may suit the “Feminine” feel of Wraith, as well as a dustcoat type of tail from her body armor. Can help make curves look curvier.


Thanks! ^^

Not gonna lie, this is pretty much how I see human Bob

Ah thanks! :grin:

High heels were one of my original ideas, but I wasn’t sure as I’m sure they aren’t hugely practical when hunting monsters. I really like the dustcoat idea a lot, I was trying to find some way to add her tendrils in so I’ll probably go with something similar to that. Thanks for the feedback :bucket_salute:


Any time, glad I could be of help. Also, heels don’t have to be practical. Have you played Bayonetta?


At the ends of the pant legs? as in kinda hanging off?

eh, just an idea


ooohh, if you’re going for unique design aspects, you could:
-Give her claws, and maybe work that in with an ability
-The tendrils could come down from her shoulders like a cloak
-Have the tendrils wrap around her shins kinda like a guard or boot. Solve the shoe issue.
-Give her a helmet that resembles the Wraith’s head
-If no helmet, give her hair the tentacle-y feel with long braids and some Wraith-y colors.

Just some ideas.


I really like some of these ideas, especially the one about claws, hadn’t even though about that. I’m probably going to give her gauntlets of some kind with smaller versions of her scythes sticking off them. I was also already planning on using the shape of the Wraith’s head as a helmet or hood, and I’ll probably have her tendrils coming out of the back of her waistband as she already has the spike jet-pack on her back.


That sounds pretty sweet.


One question, though…If Wraith is Support, would Kraken be Medic? I think Goliath would be best Assault and Bob would make a good Trapper with CC like Rock Wall and Tongue Grab.


Haha this is something that I really had to think about, and as I wanted to have at least 1 of each class present I had to place monsters into classes they wouldn’t necessarily fit into (I wouldn’t really say any of hugely fit as medic, most, if not all, would work best as assaults). I’ve decided on doing Goliath and Behemoth as assaults, Wraith as the support, Kraken is the medic and Gorgon is the trapper.


I wasn’t even thinking of two of any class.


This looks genuinely awesome.


To quote a certain someone on here…

~fangirling intensifies~ -@Katt


Presumably because Wraith has no feet? You could always just give her normal shoes and then give her a cape that splits off into three and curls around so it looks like Wraith’s tentacle legs/feet.

‘waits for Edna Mode GIF’


10 out a 10 bootiful


Am I known as the fangirling person now?! D:

Oh, and don’t forget Wraith’s two horns on her er… jaw? You can probably just add a spiked collar or something for that part. o.o


Yes, you shall forever be known as this forums resident fangirl, just like how @Donut is our resident sun worshipper, @Pythios is our resident dragon, and @Plaff is our resident Dark-Lord.